Golf yesterday was enjoyable. Fun on occasion. Even restful on occasion.

And a disaster otherwise!

The women of Womenfest were in our way!

This is their week. Part of the festivities included a golf tournament. Yesterday morning. No one knew anything about it, except Womenfest and the golf course personnel.

We were told of the event when we arrived just before 9 to tee off. We were instructed by the pro to go off the back side. The ladies had been shot gunned off the front. About 40 of them.

We moved around the back swiftly. No one there. We played the back nine in 1 1/2 hours. Excellent time!

Then we made the turn. And ran into the tournament ladies. The ones we ran into were playing slowly. They obviously were not golfers. Not even my kind of hacker. They were participating to have fun. And they were.

It took us roughly 4 1/2 hours to play the front nine.

The sun was gruelling. We were waiting generally for two four somes to hit at every tee.

I blame not the ladies. I blame the pro. The tournament and its method of teeing off could have used better planning.

Of course, I played poorly. I blame only myself. Not the ladies.

I read a short book this week on golf. I announced to all concerned on the first tee that I was trying a new swing. I did each and every step the book had laid out for the perfect drive. My swing was magnificent. Only one problem. I never hit the ball. I whiffed!

So much for the golf book! My game sucked the whole way round.

Don shot an 84, Kurt 87 and Robert 88. I shot 113.

There was no talk of taking storokes from me yesterday.

After golf, I went straight home to bed. I was dead tired! My face beet red from the sun. I was beat!

Lisa is sick. Saw the doctor yesterday. She has some sort of bronchial condition. I stopped to see her before I went out last night.

Poor Lisa! My baby was lying in bed motionless. Looked very sick. Was. She is on antibiotics. Hopefully she will be better today. I hope the bug does not run throuh the house.

Dinner was at the Yacht Club. With the same group from the night before. I had so much fun with them the previous evening, I decided to try them again.

It was fun once more! Marty, Mick and Tom. A conversation for the ages. Should have been recorded and shown on TV.

Marty and I headed over to the Bottle Cap afterwards to catch Larry Smith’s show. Larry had Jody Rae as his guest singer. Jody Rae digs down deep when she blares out a tune. Love listening to her!

The show was excellent! Once again. Larry and his team appear to have it down.

Carmello is one of the owners of Bottle Cap. He used to own La Trattoria. He stopped by to chat a bit. A good guy. A smart guy. A hard worker. An Italian immigrant who has prospered in Key West.

My radio show is tomorrow morning. At 10 am. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, watch and listen any where in the world on the internet at

Many interesting topics this week. Some controversial. The Koran burning scheduled for Saturday, the Iranian woman sentenced to a death by stoning for adultery, Craiglist and adult services, an impeachment trial scheduled for next week in the U.S. Senate, a marijuana purchase in Montana, a Propoisition 8 update, an American flag flyng issue, Montana weird dumb laws, a funny lawsuit involving Turkey and cartoon character Batman, and more.

Have fun today!

Enjoy the day!

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