Good morning!

Last night was special!

It had a bit of everything!

Fun. Crazy. Etc.

I was to meet Marty at the Chart Room. On the way in, I ran into Mick Barnes. Mick is one of Key West’s finest lawyers. He is the attorney who settled a case last year for $8 million. Speaks for itself!

He and Marty have been very close friends for years. Travel together. Breakfast together almost every day.

Obviously, Mick was joining us for the evening.

The Chart Room was crowded. Some Key West Lou friends were there. They were waiting for me.

I recognized one at once. From last year. His face. I could not recall his name. It was Tom Wiederin from Indianapolis.

Tom is a true fan. His wife Stacey says he stalks me. Tom religiouisly reads the blog every day. And is proud of it! He listens to the radio show every friday. He eats in my restaurants. Even made a trip to Stock Island to Hogfish. And he and his wife took a drive to Key Haven to view my home.

He even remembered the specific date we last met, as well as the date of the blog where I spoke of him. 12/1/09.

Once we stared talking, I recalled Tom clearly. He is an HR person with a chain of car washes. His wife Stacey has started an event planning business. She has business with the Reach while in Key West.

Tom and Stacey were with their friends Barb and Greg. Barb Sheets and Greg Wheeler. Married. A modern couple name wise. Barb was on the vivacious side. She runs a house cleaning business back in Indianapolis. Gerg is a master carpenter.

Barb lost her son to cancer 3 years ago. I said how sad. She said, no. She did not feel that way. She had him for 32 years and enjoyed him. God love you, Barb.

Tom and Stacey were married at the Pier House in June 2003. Before the remodeling. Just outside the Chart Room in the old lobby. They return for a few days each year.

Tom showed up. Another Tom. A friend of Mick and Marty.

Tom #2 is an American Eagle pilot. Lives in Miami.

Marty, Mick and Tom have partied together many times in the past. Have even taken trips together. The three to Ecuador. Mick and Tom to Amsterdam. I have a feeling I would have enjoyed being on the Amsterdam trip with them.

They were together yesterday and today for a lawsuit. Mick the lawyer, Tom a witness to be deposed and Marty videoing it.

We headed to La Marquesa for dinner. Marty and Mick had mopeds. Tom rode with me in my car. Tom and I had an interesting conversation about Mercedes. He used to own one.

We could not do Marquesa. Turns out the opposing attorney from Fort Lauderdale and the court reporter traveling with him were inside having dinner. Mick stayed to have a drink with them. The rest of us went over to Square One.

This is Womanfest Week in Key West. Lesbians and their friends from all over the world are gathering for a week long meet. Two were sitting at the end of the bar.

I don’t know what Marty said or did, but one of them became quite irritated with him. She was upset! I thought she was going to knock him on his ass! She finally said to Marty…..your table is ready! Short for shut up and sit down!

Which Marty did. Which we all did.

Eventaully Mick showed up.

Dinner was excellent. As usual at Square One. The conversation even better. The drinking added to the flavor of the conversation.

Mick kept goading Marty to return to the bar and either make amends or stand up to the lady. I am not sure which. Marty took the bait. He returned two times.

It had become a challenge for Marty. He did not know what he had said that had offended the woman. He is not the type to offend. There is not a mean bone in his body. So it was a martter of principle with him. Fueled by the booze as well.

Finally on the second try, the woman warmed up to him. Marty and the ladies left the restaurant friends.

The conversstion at our table was wild! Besides Marty and the offended lady at the bar, it included everything from dog poop to the Iranian woman to be beheaded to the burning of the Koran to Marty’s boobs. You heard me correct. Marty’s boobs.

As it turns out, Marty is over endowed in that area. Tom had pictures on his cell phone of them. They were rather large. At one point I have a recollection of the picture being shown to the ladies at the bar. Sort of I am one of you type thing.

Maybe that is why they finally accepted Marty.

It was that kind of an evening.

A ton of laughs.

I enjoyed it.

Golf today. I intend to enjoy the round. Regardless of how I play.

Tonight is Larry Smith’s variety show. At 9 at the Bottlecap. It can also be viewed world wide at Watch, if you can. The show is developiong into a winner.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I hope you said hello to Patrick or Chris, whichever was tending bar..
    Its surprising how easy it is to offend some people.
    Patrick and JoAnn

  2. great day and night it sounded like lou ! keep your head down and follow thru. i think your handicap will start droping soon…..BYRDMAN…sunny and only 92 in columbia,sc

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