There was thunder and lightning and rain again during the night. The band upstairs was playing big time!

And yet except for the puddles in the street, you would never know that an intense storm had passed over Key West.

The morning is absolutely beautiful! No wind. Water still. Sun bright. Colors vivid.

Yesterday afternoon the family came over to swim in the pool. Love it! Robert and Ally are fish. Always excited. Corey plays with them in the water. Lisa lies on a lounge poolside. Seldom entering the water.

I was upstairs in bed watching golf.

Such an exciting life I lead!

Last night I took the tribe to dinner at the Yacht Club. Sunday buffet. Everything!

We talked much about Robert and Ally. Lisa, Corey and I could remember when taking them out to dinner was an ordeal. Now, they are young adults at 5 and 6. No problem. They select their own foods. Know how to eat. Converse.

We used to have to rush out after dinner because the kids would get edgy and become a problem for us and others. Not last night. We were able to sit around after dinner and talk.

Lisa lets them select their own clothes. Last night Robert proudly wore a shirt like Poppa’s. I wear Polos. With the polo player on the horse on the chest. Robert was wearing a similar long sleeved shirt with a lion on the chest. He wanted to dress like Poppa.

Made me proud.

Later I went over to Lisa’s for a while.

Robert and Ally have completed two weeks of school. Robert in first grade. Ally in kindergarten. Both read. Robert always read well and is doing terrific. Ally had difficulty last year. She would sit on my lap and tell me a story based on the pictures. She did not read the words. Last night Ally sat on my lap and read two whole books to me. Like a pro! With cadence! She’s got this reading thing down!

I was supposed to meet Marty after dinner. I was still tired from the day before. We spoke on the telephone. He was heading over to Salute’s. I begged off. And went home to bed.

The Key West Rotary is sponsoring a brewfest this weekend. First time. It is at Lisa’s hotel The Southernmost Complex. Lisa was responsible for the event from the hotel end. She worked on it for a month.

Saturday was the first day. 1,000 tickets were sold! I am impressed!

My game plan today is to take the grandkids to play golf. At the for real golf course. Only 2 holes. I suspect it will take at least an hour. They are both excited. More so about riding in the cart. I promised them they could each take a turn at driving. By sitting on my lap and steering. They are too small to reach the pedals.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou~ Love your blog, have been reading it for awhile now and it makes me feel like I am back in Key West. My husband & I will be back in Oct to celebrate our wedding aniversary. We were married a year ago at Smathers Beach and then dinner with family and friends at the Southern Most Cafe. We will be staying at the Southern Most on the Beach. I can hardly wait. We leave in 4 weeks!!!

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