A quiet Labor Day Weekend so far. At least for me.

It rained all morning yesterday. Finally cleared in the early afternoon. Turned into a beautiful Key West day.

I went over to Lisa’s to visit the grandkids. Love them!

We played a while. Putted golf on the living room carpet. Talked. Especially about school. They just finished their first week.

Lisa had to work. Corey was taking Robert and Ally to the movies at 4. I was invited. No, thank you. It was some kid movie and I was not in the mood.

I also started getting very tired while at Lisa’s.

They went to the movies. I went to Borders. Could not keep my eyes open. Kept falling asleep while reading.

So I went home.

I was exhausted. And it was not even 5 o’clock yet.

I was supposed to have dinner with Marty. I telephoned him and said no way. Something was wrong with me. I was going to bed.

I went to bed. And fell asleep immediately. I woke at 10 and felt OK. Fell back to sleep and woke at 6 this morning.

Let no one say I did not get enough sleep last night!

I suspect my problem is a new pill that was prescribed by my doctor Wednesday. I take so many now. I think it caused me to get tired. Abnormally tired.

We shall see what happens today.

Such was my exciting Saturday of the 2010 Labor Day Weekend. I hope my Sunday is better.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Dear Lou:

    We share cardiomyopathy. I was a cop who caught a virus from a drunk 13 years ago and ended up with it. had to retire and now I am very, very exhausted all the time, even though I still work (kids in college). I also take a literal pharmacy each day…and those dang small white pills can indeed kick your *ss some days. Rest and enjoy life (as I see you do) as we never know.

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