Good morning world!

It is raining! It has been raining all night. Thunder and lightning. The kind that flashes through your windows. The weather channel says it is going to continue to around 2 this afternoon.

The wind is from the south. I have learned that whenever the wind blows in from the south, it rains. Interesting. Normally the wind blows over Key West from the east or northeast.

Lisa has a new line of jewelry. It is handcrafted from beach glass. Looks like and is island style jewelry. Take a peek.

Good radio show yesterday! I love doing the radio show!

I covered a multitude of items.

The top item being discussed after the show was that our little radio station KONK 1500 had been awarded the ranking as Florida’s #1 radio talk station. A big deal!

Video voyeurism also was a hit. The moral of the story is don’t use your cell phone to take pictures up an unknowing woman’s skirt. You can be arrested. As a man was at a Publix frozen food counter in Coral Gables.

The hurricane of 1935 also created much comment. It was a category 5 and occurred 75 years ago on the Labor Day weekend.

After the show, Larry Smith showed up at the studio. He and I and the station’s producer Jenna Stauffer chatted for a while.

I needed a manicure. Ovedue. So it was off to Lee Nails and Tammy.

Busy. Like every one was getting prettied up for the weekend. Even me, obviously.

Cocktails were at Louie’s Backyard last night. So beautiful! Louie’s sits on the ocean. An outside bar. The view was magnificent!

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. No Becha. I was sad. Erin said she had an engagement.

I told Marty that one of the books I was reading involved Mormans. The book is Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.

I am half way through the book. I shared with Marty my thought that in some regard Mormans are a bit wacky. Said with all due respect. A couple of today prominent figures are Mormans. Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck. Romney switches sides to his convenience on most political issues. Beck I think is just plain crazy. Though he is getting rich at being so.

I shared with Marty that the Morman Church prescribes underwear for it members. Yes, Mormans have Church recommended undergarments. For men and women.

Marty did not argue with me. Though he did look at me with sort of a jaundiced eye.

He said he had a female friend in Utah who was a Morman. He pulled out his cell phone and called her. He asked her whether I was correct. She said I was.

The path of religion is sometime weird.

I can recall a time when certain orders of Catholic nuns required their members to flagellate themselves during evening prayers prior to bed.

That’s the way it is.

Enjoy your day! Be selective in your choice of underwear! And do not beat yourself up!

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  1. Mormon women wear long cotton underwear. Definitely from days gone by. Know of one who recently left the religion and now wears none!

  2. Well, some flagellates may be single-cell organisms, but, religious flagellates are certainly single-minded..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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