I had computer problems yesterday. Big time! Sorry I could not write the blog.

But…..I am back! I was worried. Thought I might never be able to get into this site using my Key West Lou name again. A tragedy. Almost.

Lets start with the important. Very important.

As you know, I do a weekly radio show. The Key West Lou Hegal hour. 10 am on fridays. Today. Just a couple of hours away.

The show is on radio station KONK 1500.

KONK 1500 is a relatively new radio station. Guy deBoer started it a little more than a year ago. His idea was to have talk shows all day. One hour at a time. Different subjects.

That is how I hooked up with Guy. He wanted to do a legal show.

Two days ago Florida Monthly Magazine announced that KONK 1500 was the #1 radio talk show station in Florida!


We are all pleased and excited. I am especially pleased for Guy. He busts his butt every day making the station work. May he and the station continue to be successful!

Today’s radio show will be exciting. Things are happening out there in the world. Especially in the legal field.

The Gulf oil spill is back in the news. Another rig exploded in thr Gulf yesterday. Obama’s healthcare plan survived a court fight in Florida. Missouri banned strip clubs. Marjorie Monique Acevedo went to jail. There is a major new libel suit in Florida. Video voyerism in Coral Gables. A jackass of a funny lawsuit. A walk back in time with the 1935 category 5 hurricane which destroyed the keys. And more.

Join me!

Listen on the #1 radio talk station in Florida. KONK 1500 AM. See and hear world wide on the internet at www.konkam.com.

I stopped into the Bottle Cap Wednesday night to see the Larry Smith variety show. You could hear and see it over the internet at www.konkam.com.

Larry and his team out did themselves! The best show yet! Professional throughout. No gliches. They are getting it! You should too. Watch the show next Wednesday evening at 9.

Last night bocce! I should have stayed home. Our whole team should have stayed home. We lost all 3 games. To a team that had never won before! We should be ashamed!

Hurricane Earl is a tragedy. Still in the making in some parts of the U.S.

I have experienced enough hurricanes and tropical storms in the keys to know.

Fortunately, it has downgraded from a 4 to a 2. Still powerful. But will do much less damage as a 2.

On this morning’s radio show, I will be talking about the 1935 hurricane here in the keys. It happened on Labor Day Weekend 75 years ago. It was a category 5! The first 5 in the 20th century. Perhaps the first 5 ever!

It has no name. Hurricanes were not named back then.

It killed 408 people. Wiped out Islamorada. Destroyed Flagler’s Railroad.

Interestingly, there were only about 1,000 people in the keys back then. Or the death toll would have been considerably higher.

I am glad to be back and able to write this blog this morning. I missed doing it yesterday. It has become a part of my life as it has yours. I received over 50 e mails and telephone calls asking where?????

Marty just telphoned. He wanted to know what happened to the blog yesterday. Thought I was sick.

I appreciate the interest and concern.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am very attached to your blog – I, too was worried about you yesterday! Glad you're back. Will listen this morning to your show on Konk.

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