An American tragedy for Key West and all concerned comes to an end this morning.

In a courtroom. A criminal one.

Marjorie Acevedo will plead guilty or no contest to charges that she stole in excess of $400,000.

Marjorie is in her early 40s. She was employed by the Monroe County School District at the time of her alleged crimes. She was the head of the District’s Adult Education Program.

Her husband was and still is Randy Acevedo. He was the elected Superintendent of the Monroe County School District at the time of his wife’s alleged wrongdoing.

Marjorie and Randy have three children. Ages 17 to 21.

The School District provided Marjorie with a credit card for School District purchases. Marjorie allegedly used the credit card to purchase clothes for her husband, dog food, patio furniture and other personal items. Quite a few items to run up a $400,000 tab!

It was also claimed along the way that she allegedly misappropriated a class’ bake sale funds.

Her husband Randy, the School Superintendent, was charged also arising out of her alleged wrongdoing. He opted to go to trial. Randy was convicted of three felonies. For whatever reason, he did not do time. He received a suspended sentence and probation.

Key West and Monroe County are curious as to what sentence Marjorie will receive this morning. Will she walk as her husband did? Will she receive a severe sentence? Will she receive a light sentence? Will justice be done?

The prosecution says Marjorie should do 10 years in jail and then 20 years probation. Heavy!

The Judge has much on his plate this morning in arriving at his sentencing decision. It is solely up to him in the final analysis.

My concern has always been the students. These are children in their formative years. What example has Marjorie set for them? What impact did Randy’s no jail time have on crime and punishment for them? What will Marjorie’s sentence today say to them?

Marjorie is part of the boomer generation we read about so much today. The generation that believes they are entitled to everything. Their hands are always out. They take. Properly and improperly. Legally and illegally. With no concern for others. No conscience. No sense of responsibility.

Bernie Madoffs in varying degrees.

Who is responsible for them?

Their parents? Society as a whole?

Parents worked hard to make the American dream possible for their children. Everything was the children. Everything was given to them. Parents wanted more for their children than they had.

Along the way, parents may have forgotten to teach responsibility. To one’s self and to others. Or maybe it was taught and not heard. Also, perhaps parents made it too easy for their children. A few hard times would not have hurt.

Society as a whole condoned this do everything for the kids mentality. How could a parent do less than everything?

Now the evil of the life style has come home to roost. It is time for the fiddler to be paid. By Marjorie, by Bernie Madoff and by all the others who are committing and have committed similar wrongdoings.

That is my Key West story for the day.

A bit heavy.

A bit thoughtful.

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  1. Sounds like the making of a "true crime" story. Channel your inner Patterson.

    And, how screwed up is the justice system that husband walks?


  2. There is nothing worse than a thief, especially one in such an important position.. Every person I've spoken to in a similar situation has started out small and was surprised when they 'got away with it' and the second and third time they stole just 'got a little easier' until it became the 'norm'.. This must have occurred over quite a period.. It'll be interesting to see what happens..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  3. Lou –

    A young person enduring a difficult period early in life is nothing more than nature hardening he or she for the trials and tribulations that lie ahead, for every living creature. The pampered or silver spoon set if you will, always hit a wall sooner or later and instead of trying to climb over, they seek to go around. The easier route is usually at another's expense with no regard for that person's sacrafice. Sometimes it even comes at the expense of many. How many prominent families in American culture have been destroyed by an addicted member who puts his or her individual "needs" over those of the entire group? A person engaging in a life of excess that cannot be sustained by even an above normal income hits an economic wall sooner or later. Your analogy of Madoff is spot on. I read recently that Madoff's misuse of his client's funds started at the age of 41! Walking the streets of Chelsea I can't help but look around and wonder how many excessive 41's are in my midst?

    The Key West thief who "madoff" with the kids muffin money, is no different than the higher level white collar criminal who uses funds entrusted to him or her to pad their own obscene comfort levels. That behavior begins in adolescence and grows like rag weed through maturity.

    The entitled just keep taking, they do not know how to give anything that isn't important to them. Gifts and donations from the entitled are absolutely meaningless unless they demonstrate some type of sacrafice on the part of the donor.

    Thanks for the fodder!


  4. If the woman doesn't get jail time it will make a further mockery of our justice system. Her husband shouldn't be walking the streets today. Robbing from children and their education is not only criminal but amoral to the nth degree.

  5. Hi- I am looking for some local folks from the Keys to fill me in on actually living there before we jump. I have been unable to find answers to many simple questions, like what does water & sewer cost? Hurr/flood insurance? Groceries…etc. If you, or anyone else posting would like to chat and answer some questions I sure would appreciate it! Thanks- Paula

  6. Paula, we are 150 miles from the mainland and the highest point is about 15 feet on a 2 mile by 4 mile island. Shipping fresh water out here and shipping your toilet waste back to the mainland, 20 foot storm surges, Orlando hundreds of miles away supplies the power, and probably one of the most corrupt governments in the US, makes this place one expense option to move in. But we love it! Come on down, the water is warm (and maybe a little polluted)!

    Lou, it is Monique … unless you know some legal name, or something…

  7. Until the blogger realizes the whole world including herself refers to this gal as Monique and not Marjorie his comments will go unread and unnoticed.

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