Yesterday was Sunday.

I spent it quietly.

As Sundays were intended to be.

My morning started from my bed. Meet the Press! I was anxious to hear the reviews on the Glen Beck Washington rally the day before.

No information. Meet the Press did a one hour special on the 5 year anniversary of New Orleans and Katrina.

I tried to pick up information over the course of the morning on other channels regarding Beck. There was little to none.

I am not a Beck fan. However, I do like to know what is going on. Did the media intentionally avoid covering his multitudinous gathering? Or was it just not considered sufficiently newsworthy?

Only one thing to do. Get up and out to the Coffee House. The Sunday papers would have Beck news.

No. Little, if any.


300,000 or 5000,000 people and no significant dialogue!

I sat and read the New York papers a while. There was other news to read. It was hot. The humidity was being felt even inside the Coffee House. So I left.

I went over to Borders. Air conditioned! Sat and read a couple of hours. Very peaceful at Borders on a Sunday afternoon.

Then to Lisa’s. I was scheduled for Sunday dinner.

Turned out initially to be just Lisa and me. Corey had taken the brood swimming. Lisa stayed home to cook and cleanup. Actually I think she wanted some time alone.

I know I am not a bother to her. So I stayed. We talked father/daughter things.

I wanted to watch the golf tournament on TV. I could not find the remote control. Lisa said Ally had hidden it.

Ally is 5 years old. She and her mother had some sort of dispiute. Ally hid the remote before she left.

A tragedy of sorts. At least for me.

When Corey and the kids returned, I invited Ally to sit on my lap. She came over and jumped on. Gave me a kiss. I quietly asked, where is the remote? She looked at me long and then smiled. I hid it! I know. Where? She looked hard and long at me again. Then said, I can’t remember! And she was telling the truth. She could not recall. She laughed. We all laughed.

Three hours later when Ally was going to bed she found the remote. It was under her bed covers.

Dinner was terrific! Vegetarian lasagna and pizza.

Afterwards, Lisa asked me to help Robert with his homework., He is now in first grade. Has homework. It was not completed.

Robert and I spent an hour completing his home work assignment. It was interesting. I did not do this for my own children.

The homework thing was an experience. For the both of us. I could see how the questions were intended to open his young mind to learning.

Then home to bed and the Emmys. Followed by Mad Men.

A great Emmys show! Funny! Touching!

Mad Men is always good. Love the show. However last night the plot really thickened. Dan Draper is heading into muddy waters!

I was out all day. Never went to a computer after I left. Nor when I returned home in the evening.

Someone had sent me a message on Facebook. The wife portion of a Key West couple. She said they rarely go out and wanted to go out last night. They were not hard core people. What would I suggest for a nice evening for them?

Obviously I neither saw the message nor responded timely. I did respond this morning. Perhaps it will be helpful to them next Sunday.

I suggested the Pier House. Dinner on the deck outside. Beautiful view. Soft. East. Calming. Food good. Reasonably priced. Then after dinner walk into the Wine Galley. Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase is perfect for what I sensed this couple was seeking.

I hope they get to do it next Sunday.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou –

    I'm addicted to this blog! Everyone's got a blog…but nobody is nearly as interesting as you are. How can I put this? Simply complex? Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspective.


  2. No booze, no smokes – you are on the right track. Now you need no meat in the diet – a vegan way of life will promote heart health and make you stronger. 25 years and counting! Healthy, strong, vibrant, beautiful and loving life in Key West!

  3. I also love the blog and the opportunity to live my alternate "Key West Life" vicariously via Lou. Any chance you might post some pictures of the places you write about? That would be awesome if possible.

  4. I haven't had time to check on the Beck rally, but, I'm sure he packed 'em in.. I happen to like the guy..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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