This summer weather we are experiencing is absolutely fantastic!


Yesterday was Sunday. The day started with a late breakfast at Harpoon Harrys. Second Day in a row for me there. The group I was with wanted to eat at Harpoon Harrys.

A jovial place! Primarily locals! I enjoyed eggs benedict and had a good time!

Afterwards I headed over to Lisa’s. Ended up spending the day there.

Robert was sick again. A low grade temperature. He felt lousy. Did not eat at all. It is amazing how kids look so terrible so soon when they become sick.

I read the Sunday newspapers and hung out with the family.

Big day today! Robert and Ally start school again.

Robert is better. I spoke with Lisa this morning. And Robert and Ally also to wish them good luck in their new school year.

Robert is entering first grade at Montessori. He will now go to a different school about 3 blocks from where he had been attending. Ally is starting kindergarten. This will be the first time Ally will be without her brother at school. She is feeling a bit uncomfortable about it.

I plan on having dinner with them tonight to learn how their first day at school went.

Lionfish have become a big topic in recent months here in the Florida keys. They have arrived big time. Lionfish are not native to these waters.

Lionfish are native to the Indian Pacific Ocean. How did they then get to the keys?

Somehow several years ago they appeared in the waters off Jamaica and Panama. Now they are here in Key West.

There are two popular thoughts as to how they arrived in our waters. And Jamaica and Panama have nothing to do with either.

The first is that during Hurricane Andrew a fish aquarium containing several was destroyed. The lionfish were thrown into our waters and propagated.

The other is that several were improperly dumped into our waters several years ago by some malcontent.

Either way and interestingly, it is claimed that all the lionfish now here can be traced to six or seven lionfish that made their way initially into our waters several years ago.

The problem with lionfish is that they are voracious predators. They eat everything in sight. That happens to be the law of the ocean. Fish eat each other. But no fish eat lionfish! So they grow and grow and grow in population.

The reason no one screws with a lionfish are their spiney tentacles. They are highly venumous. Fatal to fish. Not fatal to man. However will make a human very sick if stung.

Interestingly the meat of a lionfish is not poisonous. Actually very edible. And tasty. I am told lionfish tastes much like hogfish.

Corey was recently at a conference in Key Largo. One of the issues was lionfish. Lionfish was served for lunch. Corey said it tasted good. And did taste like hogfish

An agenda item was how to control the lionfish invasion. If something is not done, the lionfish will destroy all the other fish.

The recommended solution is that the word be spread advising that lionfish is good eating! Hopefully it will become popular and fished locally. This would provide the control factor which is presently lacking.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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