What a morning!

The sun is shining. Reflecting beautifully off the two homes across the way. Just a slight breeze. A true blue sky. Not one cloud.

For some reason, the water is moving at a good clip. No waves. Just gliding along. The houses and shrubbery across the way reflected on the surface.

The water’s movement means the tide is either coming in or going out. I can never tell which way it is going till the process is almost complete. The surface direction of the water is not a true indicator.

Last night the weather went crazy!

I woke to big time thunder and lightning. Torrential rain. Slapping against the house. I sleep with the TV on. All of a sudden, no TV. The power went out.

The storm was not expected. That is how it is here. All of a sudden bababoom!

You would never know this morning that we had such a storm last night. Just a typical peaceful Key West morning.

This is the weekend. The boaters are going out. Every few minutes another passes my home. They will be diving for lobsters and fishing. The summer is the best time for water activity in the keys.

The radio show yesterday morning went over well. Terrific comments afterward. Especially about the Iraq segments and my professional army/draft thoughts. The Roger Clemens bit also drew attention. I questioned how he could be indicted for lying to Congress. Congress has its own problems with the truth these days.

I am already into next week’s show. Winston Churchill and the Battle for Britain. It was 70 years ago this month that Churchill uttered those memorable words “…Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed, by so many, to so few.”

I was chatting with KONK owner Guy deBoer after the show. In walked Larry Smith and Howard Livingston. Two of the keys most premier musicians!

Both friends.

I had not seen Howard in ages. It was good to spend some time with him. He keeps saying lets go out on the boat. His boat. I do not have one. We used to do it frequently before he became a popular hit and busy. I hope it happens again soon. Howard is one of he best human beings I have ever met. And deserving of the success he has achieved.

Then it was over to the Coffee House. Sipped and read the New York Times. Quiet. The town is quiet. It is that time of the year.

The cupboard was bare again. I was forced to buy groceries. Nothing at all to eat or drink.

I did my thing at Publix. I don’t know why I do not grocery shop more often. I actually enjoy it. People are friendly. I find it a wholesome experience.

Crazy! Most women I know hate grocery shopping. The men merely tolerate it. I like it! Probably because I never did it in my other life.

Some asshole hit my car while it was parked in the Publix lot. And left! Excuse my English, but it upset me. No note. No nothing. Probably uninsured in these difficult times. Did a good job on the front right fender.

I did not get home till after 3. Jumped in bed for my afternoon nap. It did not last long. Lisa and the grandkids showed up. They wanted to swim.

Robert and Ally dragged me out of bed. We were off to the pool.

The grandkids go crazy in the water. True fish. All kids swim well in the keys. Lisa and I sat by the pool chatting. Father/daughter stuff.

By the time they left, it was after 6. I decided to not go out. I had a refrigerator full of food. I fed myself well and went to bed.

There was a robbery of note two days ago in Key West. Strange because crime is very low in the keys. There has been a bit of an upward spiral the past year. I attribute it to the economy.

The robbery hit home. It involved my son in law Corey.

Corey is Director of Archeology at the Mel Fisher Museum. Mel Fisher was able to establish the Museum because of his discovery of the Atochia and gold. Many gold bars are on display. One can actually be touched by visitors to the Museum. The bar is enclosed in a heavy transparent box. It has an opening on one side so a hand can enter the box. Fingers rub the gold bar.

Two people broke into the plastic box and stole the gold bar!

An unfortunate experience. Fortunately however, a surveillance camera was behind the gold bar exhibition. The culprits were caught on camera! They soon will be caught in actuality. Their pictures are all over the internet already.

I am playing grandfather again this morning. Robert and Ally are getting haircuts. Then Lisa. I am to be at Lori’s at 9:30 to take the grandkids for a walk on Duval while Lisa gets her hair done. We will probably have cuban toast somewhere.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I believe you are right on about the economy adding to crime in otherwise sleepy locales. You are a great writer of your life and I thoroughly enjoy reading of your exploits and family. Depending on my work schedule, I hope to hear the Friday KONK show about Winston; one of my true heroes of the world. That is too bad about the hit & run but hopefully your insurance won't hold it against you as it was not your fault.

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