Good morning world!

Key West is still sleeping. I am up early. Pitch black outside. Silent. I cannot even hear the water. There is no breeze.

Today is radio show time! The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Just a couple of hours away. At 10 am. On the radio from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba on KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, can be seen as well as heard on the internet worldwide.

Note that the internet site has changed again. Back to the old one. Old in name only. Updated for better reception.

Today’s topics. All interesting. Like leaving Iraq, the Gulf oil spill, Afghanistan, the Blagojevich jury, the weird dumb lawsuit of the week involving a bank robber, the masque near the 9/11 site, the egg recall, California Proposition 8 and the stay, Connecticut weird dumb laws, a walk back in history with Harry Truman, Alaska and federal aid and more.

My day yesterday started with a haircut. Lori time. She just returned from a Maine vacation. Looked terrific!! Found out she was born and raised in Maine.

Lori took 2 weeks. Drove up and back. From the southernmost point of the United States to the northernmost point!

Then to the Coffee House. I was anxious to read the New York Times. Did not. Too many friends already there. Chatted a while instead.

Spent the afternoon polishing up today’s radio show. The opening segment is especially good. Concerns this week’s pullout from Iraq. I express some opinions. May step on a few toes. But some things have to be said. I am trying to goose/initiate some thoughtful discussion.

Last night was the best! Bocce!

The start of another bocce season. A good time!

A new season, a new team. Trading goes on in the off season. I am playing this season with D & D. First season for D & D. A for real new team.

David is back. He is captain. Others on the team include Don, Michelle, Michael, Herschel and his wife and Keith and his girl friend.

We did good! Won 2 out of 3.

We looked good besides. Made the shots we had to.

We lost the first game. Won the last 2.

We played well as a team. Very well. I played especially well. It was my night!

Afterwards, it was Don’s Place. Where else! The Key West locals’ drinking spot!

Time to hustle. I have to get ready for the radio show. I have not shaved in a week. Been in Key West time. I will shave this morning. Have to look good for the camera! Some week I just may do the show with the stubble intact!

Enjoy your day!

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