Black outside. Early morning.

I am not up early. Actually, never got to sleep.

I was hooked on the American withdrawal from Iraq. It was shown live on TV all night.

A momentous occcasion!

Accomplished with more dignity than our withdrawal from Vietnam.

Too bad we went into Iraq in the first place.

The invasion of Iraq was a mistake of historical proportions.

Four thousand plus American lives for what?

Some troops remain in Iraq, however. Fifty thousand. Not combat troops reportedly. There to help the new government get settled in.

Fifty plus years ago we left Korea. Removed most of our troops. But left 50,000 to protect against a possible future North Korean invasion. The 50,000 troops are still there.

One of the major errors in going into Iraq involves Iran. Iraq kept Iran in line. Iran was fearful of the Iraqis. With Hussein gone, the Iranians are on the verge of becoming a nuclear power.

The invasion of Iraq screwed up the balance of poswer in the Middle East for generations to come. It left our plate full of additional problems that never had to be nor should have been.

Golf yesterday!

I played with the big guys. Kurt, Robert and Nate. All bartenders. All terrific golfers.

They drove long. Where they were in one, I was in three.

I had to control my mind. My short game fortunately was good. And theirs a bit off. It was an equalizer of sorts.

Kurt works at Don’s Place. Robert at the Sports Page Bar. Nate at Bagatelle’s.

Nate played the pro golf circuit a couple of years.

I was intimidated. Took an 8 and 9 on the first two holes. Then settled down.

No one played their usual game. No one played a money game. Just for fun.

Kurt shot an 81. Nate an 83. Robert a 95. However Nate was giving lessons/suggestions to Robert. So his 95 is not valid. Robert shoots a much better score.

Louis shot 114. I was off about 10 strokes from my now normal game. Kurt said stop getting those 8s and you will be breaking 100 consistently. He is correct. But, can I?

When I screw up on a hole, I do it big time! Golf is a game of one shot at a time. Not with me. I hit a bad shot and the rest of the hole is bad. I hurry, get upset with myself and do all the wrong things.

Such is life! Such is golf life!

Haircut time again this morning. Lori time!

My radio show is tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 10 am. On KONK 1500 AM radio.

The station will be back on the internet. Hopefully this is it! We keep moving around.

The internet hook up is again That web site. The screen will appear immediately. You will be able to watch as well as listen. Worldwide.

Another good show in the making. I have not completed my notes yet. However I will be back into Proposition 8 and the background regarding the stay. The mosque issue will be revisited. And more. Listen in, if you have the opportunity.

Enjoy your day!

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