I am up way too early. Dark outside. I am sitting at Lisa’s kitchen table with Ally.

Babysitting time!

Lisa and Corey had to leave for work early. I had to be here early. Like 6:30.

Ally is having breakfast. A frozen waffle. Toaster fresh. With syrup. She just shared some with me.

Robert still sleeping.

My day started yesterday with a trip to the airport. Had to drop someone off. Went in for coffee.

Key West’s new airport is lovely. But do we need that which was constructred? So large!

Unless Key West expands the runway, I do not see why we need such a large edifice. And the odds of the runway being extended is less than zero!

Also the construction is strange in this day and age. High ceilings. All that air conditioning required. Costs money!

After my airport visit, I had a late breakfast/early lunch. An omelet at Harpoon Harrys.

Very few customers. At one point, I was the only one. The help was standing around. I asked why. I was told the time of year and Monday.

It is the off season. Some restaurants are closed for August and September. Actually however, it is the best time to visit. The prices are cheap. Never cheaper! Hotels generally half price and specially priced dinner menus. If you can handle the humidity, it is a winner!

I started doing some paper work. Got tired. So laid down to take a nap. When I woke, I had a sore neck. Very sore. So that was it for my day! I stayed in! Never went out last night!

Enjoy your day!

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