Another beautiful day in Key West!

I got up at the right moment this morning. The sun is shining brightly on the yellow MTV Real World house across the water. What a sight!

Lunch at MacDonald’s yesterday! Robert bought. With the money he received from the tooth fairy. He was proud and thrilled. I enjoyed the family’s company. But not a Sunday MacDonald’s lunch. I would have preferred eggs benedict at Harpoon Harrys.

Ally was a champ about the whole thing. It was Robert’s day. No sibling rivalry. At one point she elegantly congratulated her brother on the loss of his first tooth.

My cell phone was screwed up. I went over to the AT&T store after lunch. Took about an hour. They did what they could. I have had to run programs since returning home. Still have another to run. So far, so good. You need a PhD. to operate these phones!

Worth it, though! I am absolutely inppressed with all the things my i phone can do!

Sunday is definitely New York Tmes day. So it was to the Cofffee House. I sat, sipped and read. Alone. Quiet. Nice.

I did the Gardens last night. First time in a long time.

Love Kate Miano, what she has accomplished and what she continues to do with this famous Key West hotel.

Peter Diamond was singing. Terrific! My friend. Originally from Syracuse. For many years now a Key Wester.

Donna and Terri showed up. Terri of course was asked to sing. Thrilling!

Kate was wandering around. Ever playing the gracious hostess. What a lady!

I took Donna and Terri to dinner at the Yacht Club. My dear friends. My house guests. They came to visit for one week. I thought they had stayed three already. Turns out, as they reminded me, that they have been here four weeks.

They could stay four years as far as I am concerned! My friends! Always welcome. However we decided at dinner that henceforth my home will be known as Hotel Louis! Louis being pronounced in the French fashion as Louie!

The Keys Piano Bar was packed! Last night was its last night for six weeks. Closing down for the Key West slow season.

Fortunately, we had a table up front. Terri ws scheduled to sing. Being with a notable has its rewards!

Saw Mindy and Tonto. Been a while since we have run into each other. Tonto bartends at La Te Da. Mindy works for a mortgage broker. Love them both! Especially Mindy!

Saw Jean Thornton, also! One of the Golden Girls! She found gold and emeralds years ago while diving. Changed her life. We agreed to have dinner together some night this week.

And tons of other people. The place was packed.

There was a young female couple that had just returned from England. Were married there. Terri sang a song to them and to Donna that she sang at her own committment ceremony. It was late October in New York City. On the stage of the St. James theater where Terri was starring in Finian’s Rainbow. Terri cried while singing. Donna cried listening. A beautiful moment!

A nice Sunday! A Key West one!

Enjoy your day!

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