Golf this morning.

But not for me.

Grandson Robert sick. I am babysitting.

I feel like a truck rolled over me!

I had difficulty sleeping last night.

Was up after midnight. Tried writing blog at that time. Computer would not work.

Just not my evening!

Had a great lunch yesterday. With the lovely Kenya I had met the evening before at Louie’s Backyard.

The place…..Hogfish!

Kenya is a most interesting person. A champion swimmer. Went to the University of Nebraska on a swimming scholarship. Skis. All over the west. Even Chile! Travels. World wide. Big time.

And a business woman to boot! A good mind!

Somehow we got into Howard Livingston. She had never heard him. I told her to hit Capt. Tony’s last night. Howard was playing. Capt. Tony’s birthday was being celebrated.

I could not go. Had to stay in. Things to do. Or I would have joined her.

Worked on friday’s radio show last night. One hour of radio time takes about 5 hours of preparation.

I have to hustle to get over to Robert so Corey and Lisa can go to work. Hope he’s not too sick. It bothers me when these kids get sick. Simple illnesses seem to knock them on their asses. Fortunately, they recover quickly and well.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. good morning lou! hope things go better today…… have not read you much lately as we have been quite busy. looking forward to joining you again in december. can't wait to chat! gary and tecia.

  2. Gary and Tecia !! Where the heck have you 2 been ??!! I thought you were turning liberal,, you haven't answered my emails..Patrick and JoAnn

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