The country?

No, the woman.

Met her last night. At the outside bar at Louie’s Backyard.

Long blond hair. Mid 40s. Striking personality, though a bit on the timid side. Reserved might be a better word.

I was to meet Marty at Louie’s bar. He was there. She was there. They were already chatting.

I listened more than talked. At one point, Kenya stated that I appeared bored. To the contrary, the conversation between her and Marty was interesting and I was taking it all in.

Kenya is no stranger to Key West. She has vacationed here many times. So have her parents. They love Fantasy Fest and never miss it!

Kenya speaks of Key West in warm glowing terms. I sense her parents will probably retire here. They are into that pattern that Key West lovers follow.

The strange part of all this is that Kenya and her family live in Fort Lauderdale. In a very nice area from Marty’s perspective. Not the same living as Key West, however. As the Kelly family has discovered.

Kenya’s Dad is JJ Kelly. Mother is Dorothy. Dad is a Fort Lauderdale magnate of sorts. A very successful and well known business man. Everyone in the Fort Lauderdale area knows of him. He is into used buses, RVs, equipment, home auto supply stores, machine parts stores, storage, real estate and what have you. JJ Kelly!

Kenya is in the business also. Most of her time is spent with Cruise America RVs.

Kenya has a son. Michael. He learned to kite board here in Key West at the end of Smathers Beach. Kenya was concerned about the nude beach replacing the kite boarders. I told her to worry not. The issue is still on the table for discussion and did not appear to be moving rapidly.

Marty invited Kenya to join us for dinner. She said she already had eaten. At Hogfish. I knew at that moment this lady was someone special! She said she frequents Hogfish often. Just plain likes it.

So much for the Kelly family. Hope I get to meet Mom and Dad some time. Sound like my kind of people.

Rained big yesterday. Was raining a bit while Marty and I were at Louie’s Backyard. It is still raining this morning. Unusual for it to rain this long. True, it is the rainy season. However the rain generally last 5 minutes and it’s gone for 24 hours. This is steady. Like the rain cloud came yesterday and is sitting over our island refusing to move.

Marty and I decided to eat at La Trattoria. Always a great place!

Kathy was bartending. Such a nice person!

Becha hosting. The best! A hug and kiss for me.

Last night turned out to be the evening for striking women. There was another one! Marilyn. She was sitting across the bar from us. Actually she moved there so Marty and I could have two seats together.

Magnificent hair, again. Long and black. Swirled in the back at some time. Wore it long and swirled during the course of the evening. Changed her hair style while sitting at the bar. A statuesque woman. Bartends at Blue Heaven. This was her night off.

I left Marty at the bar. Fortunately, I had my rain gear. It was no problem walking through the pouring rain to my car and home.

As I left La Trattoria, I could hear Marty ordering another Manhattan.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Since your divorce you have been mentioning all these lovely women you are meeting, my how the eyes wanders when a person is FREE!!!

  2. Well, at least there is one or two things we can agree on.. And thats where to eat.. Hogfish and LaTrattoria are about the best..Patrick and JoAnn

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