Late with the blog this morning. Sorry. Slept late. Then had to get the car to Sears for new tires. Long line. Just getting to the important in my life now. The blog.

A mixed day yesterday! Not bad, but not necessarily good at certain moments.

I got a flat tire. No spare. Never had the tire that blew last month replaced. Needed a new one.

Fortunately the flat occurred about 2 blocks from Lisa’s place of business. I walked over and got her car. Drove to my car. Took the damaged spare out of the trunk and drove over to Sears.

The tire was obviously filthy. That black stuff. My hands and nails looked like I worked for a living!

Waited while Sears mounted a new tire. Then drove back to where I had left my car. On Alberta Street, just off South. About 2 blocks from Louie’s Backyard.

Called the Audi repair service. Someone would be there in 45 minutes. Good luck! It was about 1 1/2 hours before some one appeared. The service only changes tires. Does not repair flats. That is why I had to do the preliminary work

No problem. I had bought some newspapers and sat in the car reading. And waiting. And when I finished the newspapers, I was still waiting.

Key West is a good town. A special place. The people exceptional.

A bunch of college kids walked by while I was waiting. You have a flat! Can we fix it for you? No thanks. I have some one coming.

Then a Diggin Key West truck parked across the street. A guy got out. You have a flat. Can I change it for you? He was Mark Harris. I had never met him before. Just a nice guy. Originally from North Carolina. He said we all have to help each other.

The Audi people finally came and the tire got changed.

I decided I would never get my nails clean. The black soot was imbeddded under the nails. I needed a maniucure anyhow. So it was off to Lee Nails to see Tammy. She said no problem. And there was none. My nails were shining clean after she finished.

Last night Marty and I hooked up with Kenya at the Chart Room. Jean and Sheila were there also. Susan bartrending. We had a good time!

This Kenya is a wonder! Turns out she was the Florida State Champion in 1983 while in high school. In the 100 yard butterfly swimming event. Then at the University of Nebraska, which she attended on a swimming scholarship, she was an All American as part of the relay team.

I can’t swim more than 30 feet!

We had dinner later at the Yacht Club. Lobster. It’s in season! So good!

I had not been out in a while. Decided to make a night of it. So it was off to the Keys Piano Bar. Glad I went. What a wonderful evening!

Michael was singing. Gave me goose bumps on occasion listening to him.

Captain Dan bartending. I had not seen him in a while. He came over and gave me a big hug.

I know Dan from his time at the Pier House. A big burly guy. A boater.

About 2 years ago, he left the Pier House to sail his boat to Puerto Rico. Alone. He never made it. A bad storm. Boat wrecked. He ended up on an island with just a few natives and no communication with the outside world. A touch of Robinson Crusoe!

Dan had a few broken bones. The natives healed him. Eventually a boat showed up and he got off the island.

Now he is back and healthy and working in Key West again. But not for long.

Next week he leaves for Puerto Rico again. Says he has to do it. I told him he was crazy.

I asked how long it would take. He did not know. Said it depended on the winds.

I must tell you something. If I was not involved in some business matters at the presnt time, I would join him. Sounds like a fun trip. Assuming we would survive!

Gina Masseratti was there. Last night he was Gino. I have never seen him as Gino. Only Gina. He really is Gino. Loves to dress. So is known as Gina.

Last night he was in male clothes.

He sang. Sings better as Gino than Gina.

He is in love. With what he described as his partner of 10 years. They are now engaged and planning on marrying. She was all excited.

It was a good time in every respect last night.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Errr, excuse me. The phrase "hook up" has a different meaning in the younger set. You may wish to edit lest you give scandal to the "yutes" who read your pearls for moral guidance.

  2. OH BOY !! I could have a ball with this one !! I guess manicures and not knowing how to change a tire go hand in hand.. My hands get that dirty every day and there is a new invention for cleaning them,, its called soap and water !!
    I hope you know I'm just joshin' with you,,but,, I gotta do it..
    I'll buy you a beer at the Chart Room this winter..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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