Good morning world!

It is sunny and humid. Very humid! True Key West summer weather.

I graduated from Manhattan College. Manhattan grads are known as Jaspers. After a Christian brother named Jasper who early taught at the College.

There is a blogger out there in cyber space by the name of Jasper fjohn68. No mistake. That is his e mail name. He is a Manhattan College graduate also.

He is a conservative at heart. Perhaps more. His writings suggest he is far to the right. Nothing wrong with that. I tend to be a bit to the left on occasion. Actually, most of the time.

Jasper John, as I shall call him, will comment on my blogs on those rare occasions when I take a political position or make a leftist comment. His written reaction to whatever I may have said is to knock me on my ass! He is not gentle in his retort!

I do not mind. At least he is reading me. And I love controversey involving an exchange of ideas.

I doubted Jasper John had a sense of humor. I viewed him as a bit of a stiff ass.

I was wrong.

Jasper John commented on yesterday’s blog. With a joke! A golf joke. And it was funny! Left me laughing!

Jasper John beware! We are becoming friends!

I walked Duval yesterday for exercise. Quiet. Really quiet. The off season.

I continue to be amazed at the number of new ice scream and gelato stores. There must be a lot of money in selling these items. They are located where the rents are $10,000 to $25,000 per month.

Spent some time at Borders. Read chapters from two books. One had to do with saving a marriage. Good time for me to read it! After the divorce!

Had to grocery shop. Company coming. Donna and Terri. A different selection of foods purchased when one has company.

Donna and Terri had already arrived by the time I got home. We sat in the kitchen and caught up for about two hours.

Then it was nap time for me.

Donna and Terri were off to a birthday dinner for Lynda Frechette. I was not invitedf. For shame whoever put it together!

I decided to stay in and work on friday’s radio show. Spent about 4 hours working away. Not done yet. But getting there. It will be good!

Topics will include American soldier suicides in the Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars, recently announced deep water drilling off the coast of Cuba, Argentina’s approval of same sex marriage, Washington weird dumb lawes, Australia’s denial of an extradition request by Hungary of a Nazi war criminal, the Holland v. Florida U.S. Supreme Court decision, the weird court lawsuit of the week involving Massachusetts, and more.

I was tired when I finished. So it was off to bed and sleep.

Golf this morning. It may only be Yankee Jack and me. The group slims down in the summer. People leave for the summer. Others take vacations. If just Yankee and me, I will play him straight up. No strokes. Time to test my new abilities on the golf course. Yankee generally gives me 18 strokes. I have to find out if I can play as well as I think I can.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Dear KWL:

    I am terribly hurt.

    I'm NOT a conservative; I'm a little L libertarian. There's a huge difference.

    The Gooferment should have no role in the various social issues that plagues. The Gooferment should have no role in the markets where free people make voluntary exchanges. The Gooferment sole duty is to protect us from force or fraud.

    Unfortunately, it's a role that the Gooferment has NOT ONLY forgotten, but has become the biggest criminal using force and fraud on its citizens, residents, and people all over the globe.

    So please don't lump me in with the criminals on the right or the left.

    I think our problem as a nation is that everyone wants to get their hands on the controls of the Gooferment so they can tell people what to do. If they don't comply, they bury them. How long will your beloved Key West survive with either set of crooks in the District of Corruption?

    The supposed conservatives are spending us into debt oblivion. The supposed liberals are infringing on our rights at every turn.

    As a fellow Jasper, I'd expect you to be "influenced" by "evidence". Hopefully, you'll find that a fat old white guy injineer can make you laugh and think. Sometimes even at the same time.

    My personal rx for the country is:
    1. End the personal and corporate dole; 2. Dismiss gooferment public education; 3. Stop the various wars — foreign and domestic; 4. Repatriate the troops home; 5. Downsize ALL gooferments; 6. Eliminate all taxes but tariffs and excise.

    That'd be a good start and we can tune it after that.

    p.s., How do you like Jasper Jottings? It's more Jasper facts and less opinion than my personal blog. Never did figure out your class year. lol!

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