I am writing from Lisa’s home.

For years she would not trust me to baby sit. Said my attention factor was lacking. Now the story is different. I have them all the time! Either her need has become desperate or I have proven myself.

I think it is a bit of each.

I have to take the grandkids to summer camp at Montessori. Lisa has to be at work early. Corey is working up at Key Largo. So it is Poppa time! I had to be here at 6:30 am.

The drive in was delightful. The sun rising. Shining on the house boats and boats along the boulevard.

A sight to be seen only if one lives on an island.

Yesterday started with breakfast with Lisa and the grandkids. At Harpoon Harry’s. First time there for Robert and Ally. They liked it.

Robert had to pee. I took him to the men’s room. Occupied.The door locked. I took Robert back to Lisa and said take him to the ladies’ room. They went. Came back. Lisa said he would not go. Robert told her he was a boy and boys did not use the girl’s room.

Robert is becoming a man. He is all of 6 years old.

Later in the day we all went to the beach. Higgs Beach. Very few people. I like it that way.

I took a noodle with me. Went out a ways, put it under my arms and floated for a while.Then to my sand chair to read.

The sun was a killer if you were out of the water. So I bid the family adieu and left.

It was home and a shower. And then a nap on cool sheets.

Yesterday turned out to be family day all around. I did not want to leave Lisa alone with Corey gone. So I joined Lisa and the grandkids for dinner.

Lisa made a pizza. Almost from scratch. She buys bread dough and tosses it around. And works the pizza up from there.

The pizza was good! We ate and laughed. Robert and Ally are funny.

Then a treat! To celebrate my return.

Ice cream at Dairy Queen.

I do what the grandkids do. They had swirl on cones with sprinkles. So did I. Wow! Terrific! What a way to live!

I left them afterward and headed home. Early to bed and sleep. The sun had knocked me out.

After I drop them off at Montessori summer camp this morning, I will be heading for the golf course. Playing with Larry Smith and the monday morning crowd. Whoever they may be. It has been two weeks since I have played. I am anxious to hit the ball. I have a feeling I will play well this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your travels last week!! I'm back in Boston now after spending a restful week down in Key West. Plenty of snorkeling, good eating, and a lot of drinking-haha. Even put in a few nights at the Chart Room. I believe Susan was behind the bar and she took great care of us. Also on the vacation my girlfriend and I got engaged down there at her all time favorite place, Capatain Tony's. A week of celebrating was in order. But now it's back to the grind of work. I shall return Key West!!!

  2. I read your blog every day, and I am living your retirement vicariously! I was sorry to hear about your divorce, but now I understand why your wife is never mentioned in your blog anymore.

    You have a wonderful, full life and incredible energy and I wish you many, many years of health and happiness in Key West.

  3. Watch out all you wonderful women in Key West. louis is a free man, HAndsome and very intellengent. kINDA WANTS ME TO MOVE TO kEY

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