Good morning!

I have returned!

I am back in Key West!

A good feeling! I am home!

Travel back from Utica was a bit long. I left at 7:30 in the morning. Had a one hour drive to the airport in Syracuse. Three planes to accomplish the trip.

Syracuse to Detroit no problem. Detroit to Atlanta a disaster. Took off 2 1/2 hours late. Which meant I missed my Atlanta flight to Key West. Had a 3 hour lay over in Atlanta. Finally arrived in Key West at 9:30 in the evening.

A 14 hour trip! Worth it! Key West is here I belong!

I spent my down time in the airports reading and girl watching. Both satisfying pursuits.

The book is New York by Edward Rutherfurd. Recently published. I do not think it is a top 10 best seller. But should have be! I am taken by the book!

It starts in the 1500s when Manhattan was first discovered by Henry Hudson and others and concludes with the TwinTowers disaster of 9/11. The book follows the lives of several families over that period of time.

Engrossing! An I can’t put it down type book.

It is over 800 pages long. My War and Peace days are long gone. I avoid lengthy books. So I started the book at around page 400. The Civil War chapter. I love Civil War tales. I was a history major and took extra courses in the Civil War.

Before you knew it, I finished the book. From somewhere in the 400s to page 862.

Then…..I went back to page 1 and started the book where I originally should have. I am presently at page 268. About 150 pages to go.

I agree. A stupid way to read a book. But that is what happened in my reading of it.

I recommend the book! Big time! Excellent! Again, engrossing!

Women watching was my other time killer in the Detroit and Atlanta airports. Not a bad pass time. Something I have not done with such interest in many a year.

I think I know why.

Besides turning 75 last tuesday, I was in court. Divorce court. My wife of 52 years decided she wanted me no more. She had sued me for divorce. Tuesday was the final court date.

I am single once again.

I suspect my new single state contributed to my opposite sex gazing.

My observations were surprising and interesting.

The best looking women were black. Black women were never my cup of tea and I suspect will never be. However they were the best groomed and attired. Regardless of age. They took pride in their appearance.

The other group of women I found attractive were middle aged. Specifically flight attendants. Still stewardesses to people of my age.

When I first started flying in the 1950s, stewardesses/flight attendants were young. Very young. It was a requirement of the job. No more. Today it would be age discrimination.

The ladies I saw yesterday, those in the their 50s, were sharp! Lovely! Carried themselves well!

I ran into Melissa while killing time in the Atlanta airport. Melissa is a Key Wester. She is Executive Director of the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey’s boss. I have known Melissa for years.

Melissa was returning from a conference in Virginia. She had earlier in the day visited Georgie’s home as she put it. Mount Vernon.

I enjoyed my brief time with Melissa. Our paths cross too infrequently here in Key West.

Sitting next to me on the last flight into Key West was Ash. Ash lives in Milford, Connecticut. He is involved with recruitment at the University of New Haven. Travels the world looking for students to attend his University.

Ash is 34. Jordanian. Describes himself as Jordanian Greek. He is of the Greek Orthodox faith.

We had a most interestng conversation covering a multitude of things.

Ash is gay. He was booked into the Island House. Wanted to know if it was a correct selection. I assured him he had made a wise choice. It is problably the finest gay guest house in Key West.

Lisa met me at the Key West airport with the grandkids. It was 9:30 in the evening. Late for them. They were in their pajamas. Wide awake! Yelling and screaming. Welcome home Poppa! We love you Poppa!

I love them!

Corey was out of town last night. Up in Key Largo diving for the Museum. So Lisa and the grandkids slept over with me. Robert in my bed and Ally in Lisa’s. I don’t know about Ally, but Robert was out as soon as his head hit the pillow. It was 11 in the evening! They do not stay up that late.

My friend Ryno has several comments on Facebook this morning. About the nut who stands on our street corners carrying signs to the effect that God hates fags. He says it is time to counter demonstrate or something.

My first reaction is that we live in a strange community. This guy can carry his hate signs for the world to see. However women cannot go topless. They will be arrested.

From a layman’s perspective, both should not be tolerated. On the other hand, I am a lawyer. I understand the sign carrying guy’s right to free speech. I also understand gender equality. So my position is that both should be tolerated.

Sorry I cannot agree with you Ryno. No disrespect intended. I just believe that if we do not permit the nut to carry those signs, then you and I some day will not be permitted to speak out in opposition to our elected leaders. It is called freedom of speech. As distressing and sickening as it may be in some instances, the worst of it must be tolerated to preserve our rights in other regards.

Lisa, Robert and Ally are taking me out to breakfast this morning. To celebrate my return! My choice. Harpoon Harry’s. The grandkids have never been there. They are excited!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am truly sorry to hear about your divorce. It makes me sad. But then hearing about the grandkinder makes me laff. Maybe there will be a rewedding in your future. 🙂 Don't some celebrities remarry the same person they divorced? That would make you a Key West icon! 🙂

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