My bag finally arrived. My cell phone started working on its own again. All is well!

Today is special. My birthday. A big one. 75!


My Father is 96. Will I?

It is amazing the distance this blog travels. Yesterday I received two comments regarding my lost bag and cell phone. One was from Jim Brown who lives on Crete in Greece. The other from Rita Botha who lives in Capetown, South Africa.

Marty wrote last night. He and Tom were partying late in the Key West in the Chart Room. About 10 o’clock. Che and Michael were with them.

In came two lovely women from Massachusetts. Where was Lou? Key West Lou? One of their moms back in Massachusets reads the blog every day. The ladies were there to meet Lou.

Instead they met some Chart Room regulars and visiting Tom. I could say poor ladies. But I cannot. Marty, Che and the rest are all good guys. I am sure a fun time was had by all.

Marty says the ladies will be returning tonight.

May everyone enjoy another Key West evening!

It is amazing the things we learn!

I was watching Moby Dick last night. The classic starring Gregory Peck.

Starbuck was Ahab’s first mate. Starbuck was from Nantucket. He was against Ahab’s destructive pursuit of the whale.

Turns out the owners of Starbuck named their coffee business after Moby Dick’s Starbuck. Originally they wanted to name the business after Ahab’s boat the Peguod. However after some wrangling decided the name was a bit strange.

And so Starbuck it was!

What will this day bring? How will my 75th birthday play out? We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Enjoy the big day, Lou! Sorry we missed you in KW last week!! Our loss!

    Nice that you brought the KW weather with you to upstate NY, sounds like they are not appreciating it!

  2. Happy Birthday Lou! Hello to your father, it's wonderful that you could be there to share your day with him! Glad your bag and phone are back in order!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday from the Tomato Capital of Canada,Leamington ,Ontario.I have been to Key West and loved the visit and the people.

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