Good morning friends!

Actually it is the middle of the night. About 2 in the morning. Woke and decided to write.

I am still in upstate New York. Brutally hot. Not hot like Key West. Different. The air is heavy. Difficult to breath. No one stays out doors. Air conditioning is the requirement of the day.

Better than snow, however. The cold here in the winter time is worse. I miss it not since I moved to Key West.

Yesterday was my 75th birthday. It seems like I have been celebrating and mentioning it for the past week. I promise to say it no more after today.

I had a good 75th! Spent it with my 96 year old father yesterday afternoon and evening.

The older I get, the more we seem to have in common. Especially the aches and pains!

Dad, his friend Frances and I had dinner together last night at a local restaurant. A good time! A terrific time! One of the best birthdays I ever celebrated!

We talked and laughed the whole evening. He is sharp for his age. Mind good. Body wearinmg down unfortunately.

I ate badly. For some reason, I was unusually famished. I devoured a whole 18 ounce rib eye. For shame.

My father and I shared a cannoli for dessert. An unusually large one. About 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. A cannoli is an Italian pastry. A thin cylinder crispy crust filled with sweetened ricotta, an Italian cheese. It was covered in chocolate syrup.

We devoured it like two kids!

I think the dinner is why I am awake at 2 this morning. Acid indigestion!

It was worth it!

Modern science is wonderful. Lisa sent me a video of Robert and Ally screaming and singing Happy Birthday! over her cell phone to mine. It came in the middle of dinner. My father was thrilled with it! As I! Lisa is the best!

Things like this blog and Facebook also make it possible for us to expand our friendship base and communicate. I received over 200 Happy Birthday messages from around the globe. Wild! Thank you all!

I had assumed in retirement people would forget me. I would just fade quietly into the sunset. It has not been that way. My relationship base has expanded dramatically. Interesting.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. good afternoon lou, happy birthday from oswego. you are right; the heat is different here. hope things keep going your way and we shall see you in december. good lord willing of course. take care my friend, gary and tecia.

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