I’m having fun. Not really.

My plane got into Syracuse late last night. I made it. My bag did not. A big Delta jet and I was the only one not to get his bag. It is after 12 noon today and I am still waiting.

My cell phone works this morning in every respect, except one. I cannot receive calls. People who call get a busy signal. And no message to me that someone has called.

I went to the AT&T store here in Utica. Spent 1 1/2 hours there. Every one very solicitous. They do not understand the problem. So…..I was told I have to go 50 miles to Syracuse for a remedy. To Apple. It is the nearest Apple store. Why? I bought the phone from AT&T. It is only 4 months old. It is one of those sexy 3G things. Does everything. I was told because my contract with AT&T provides that Apple is responsible. No one told me that when I purchased the phone.


I bought the phone in Key West. Is there an Apple store in Key West? Or do we have to go 155 miles to Miami for service?

What a screw job!

Go buy some one else’s phone!

Other than those two events, the trip back was ok. Uneventful. Not that many people traveling on Sunday of the holiday weekend.

The gender equality parade was yesterday in Key West. Because of my trip, I did not see it. However, Marty and many other people did. Marty reported to me.

Only about 8 women showed up with bare breasts to march. Each had their nipples covered. One was arrested. But not for bare breasts. There apparently was an outstanding warrant against her.

I am disappointed that the women covered their nipples. Not for viewing reasons. This was a nationally hearlded female bare breasted demonstration to support a woman’s constitutional right to go bare breasted. If a man could do it, so could a woman. It is called gender equality. NOW supported these ladies.

Local Key West law provides the nipple area has to be covered.

The ladies apparently opted to back off from the issue. They had been publically clamoring for weeks of their constutional right. When push came to shove, they did not put their nipples where their mouths were.

All to avoid arrest.

The blacks in the 1960s faced confrontation when they marched in support of civil rights. Worse confrontation. Not just arrest, but also water hoses, beatings and slurs.

You cannot stand for an ideal or right unless you are willing to go the route for it. These ladies backed off. For shame!

The weather here in Utica is delightful. Just like Key West. Warm and humid.

I have to deal with the phone issue. Rest assured I am not going to Syracuse. I plan on seeing my Father. And I don’t know what else.

Enjoy your day!

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