A Happy Fourth to one and all!

Remember what it means! With all that is going on in our contry today, I have concern.

My morning started with a smile. A telephone call from Robert and Ally. Happy 4th of July Poppa! Lisa said they ran into her bedroom this morning with the same greeting. The good things they learn in school!

I received another Happy Fourth greeting on Facebook. From my friend Jim Brown. Jim is a Scot living on the island Crete in Greece. Thank you Jim for remembering.

A freedom confrontation of sorts is going to take place later this morning in Key West. The police announced yesterday that they will be arresting the women who will be marching at 11 on Duval with their breasts exposed. It is a gender equality issue. The police will first warn them to cover. If they fail to do so, they will be arrested.

I researched the issue for my radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Did a whole segment on it 2 weeks ago.

Florida has a state statute which lists body organs which may not be publically displayed. Female breasts are not listed.

Key West has a statute which requires female breasts to be covered from the tip of the nipple back. I did not write the law. Some very precise person did. I understand the law was written as a result of female bare breasting during Fantasy Fest.

There is an obvious conflict between state and local law. I suspect in the end that state law will prevail.

There is another legal issue. A Constitutional one.

If men can go bare breasted, why can’t women. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. It is called equal rights.

Key West will be in the evening news. A constitutional confrontation is in the making.

This local march by the women today is supported by NOW. This demonstration has national backing. I susupect the issue will be prominent as it runs its course through the courts.

It is another gorgious day outside. A good day to walk around bare breasted!

I had dinner with Lisa and the family last night. Lisa says Robert and Ally are going crazy over golf. They especially love the real golf balls I gave them the other day. She says Robert is really into it. He is getting the language down. Par, birdie, eagle, etc. And only 6 years old!

After dinner, I headed over to Louie’s Backyard. Marty had called to tell me he and Tom were there.

Louie’s has one of the best views in Key West. It sits over the wide Atlantic.

Next door to Louie’s is Dog beach. A small beautiful beach. It is so called because it is for dogs. People bring their dogs. The dogs run around, sun bathe and swim with their owners.

And poop all over the place! Humans must walk the beach with care.

Only in Key West!

I had a couple of drinks with Marty and Tom. And some good laughs.

We were talking real estate. Marty told us Jimmy Buffett used to live next door to Louie’s. I told him I looked at the same house 20 years ago to buy. It was only $70,000 at the time. Today, even in this depressed market, you could not touch it for $1 million!

Then it was home to bed for me. Marty and Tom left for dinner somewhere.

I leave for Utica, New York later today. You will hear from me tomorrow from the foothills of the Adirondacks.

Enjoy your day!

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