The rainy season must be moving in. It rains in the summer once a day. Around 1 in the afternoon. For about 5 minutes.

I was having lunch yesterday at Hogfish. Fried calamari. It was a few minutes before 1. It poured! Just like that! Buckets of rain. Heavy. Five minutes later it was all over.

On my way into town last night, I stopped at Lisa’s to visit the family.

They had had take out chinese for dinner. Egg foo young and ribs left. I sampled a bit. Just a little as I had plans for dinner.

Robert and Ally were practising putting. They are into golf big time since they took four hours of lessons at the golf course.

They were down to one plastic golf ball. No good, I thought. So I took them out to the car. I had 2 for real golf balls on the front seat. I gave them each one.

Excited! Wow! And they could keep them!

I anticipate a broken window shortly.

Many friends at the Chart Room last night. Marty is back. He brought a buddy Tom with him. Tom is a retired trial attorney from the Fort Lauderdale area. Che was there. And Sean and Katherine. All good people. I received a warm Happy Birthday! from all.

Marty, Tom and I headed over to La Trattoria for dinner.

Erin was bartending. I had seen her at Outback with some girl friends the night before. I told her she looked like a school girl at Outback. I observed she was wearing no make up when I saw her. She said I was right. And smiled. She will probably go without make up from now on.

Becha. Lovely Becha. She came over and hugged me and kissed me. I whispered in her ear as she held me…..marry me and run away with me. She walked away mumbling and laughing. Probably saying to herself…..this old nut!

It was the start of the 4th of July weekend last night. Key West was filling up. La Trattoria was packed.

Going to be a big weekend.

Enjoy your day!

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