Actions speak louder than words!

Yesterday I said I was disappointed with the President’s speech. Today I must say I am impressed with what he accomplished yesterday. I refer to the $20 billion committment plus he obtained from BP.

Perhaps Obama is a differnet type leader. He seems much like Teddy Rooseveelt. Speak softly and carry a large stick.

Credit must be given where credit is due. Good job, Mr. President!

Radio show tomorrow! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The week moved by swiftly.

10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, on the internet at where the show can be seen as well as heard.

Topics include some pressing thoughts on the Gulf oil spill, a female attorney wearing an underwire bra who was denied admittance at a Florida detention facility where she went to see a client, a walk back in history with a tale of how some tried to steal Abe Lincoln’s body from his tomb, same sex marriage, the soon to start Kagan confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court, the King of Ghana and Vermont dumb laws.

I am working on a story involving the Lone Ranger. When completed, you will enjoy hearing about the legend. If not tomorrow, next week.

Golf yesterday!

I did good!

I hit the ball the best ever!

Still not scoring. I lack consistency. But WOW! Did I hit it when I hit it!

Three natural pars on the front side. Two on 4s and one on a 5.

The humidity was heavy. I tired on the back side. No pars.

In the past month, something has happened. My swing is stronger. And straighter. I think it is a combination of my heart working better and the lost weight having eliminated my stomach. Whatever, Tiger Woods watch out!

I hit one ball 250 yards off the grass! My second shot on 9. Hit the ball straight as an arrow. Over the green about a foot.

Don Manaher was riding with me. He says every time I ride with him I have a good day. He’s right!

My group also consisted of Larry and Yankee Jack.

Pretty soon I am going to start losing strokes. I don’t care!

I was the big winner yesterday. $16. Winner buys drinks. Drinks cost me $20. Some days you just can’t come out ahead!

The Chart Room was packed last night with locals. Captain Peter, Che, Sean, Katherine and Sheila. The oil spill monopolizes conversations. Rightly so. One of the group bought BP and Tansocean stock yesterday. A good buy at the right time!

I had dinner on the deck at the Pier House. There was no humidity. I sat down just as the sun was setting. Fried oysters and sailing vessels. What a meal! What a setting!!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. just in case it did not come through:

    By LISA LEFF, Associated Press Writer – Wed Jun 16, 6:36 pm ET
    SAN FRANCISCO – A lawyer for supporters of California's gay marriage ban argued Wednesday in a landmark federal trial that Proposition 8 was constitutional because limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples ensures children have the benefits of being raised by biological parents.

    Earlier in the day, former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson, who represents the plaintiffs, argued that supporters of the ban were trying to deprive same-sex couples of a relationship the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized as a fundamental right.
    Olson said the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized marriage as a fundamental right — one afforded to prisoners serving life sentences and child support scofflaws — while refusing to make procreation a precondition of marriage, as evidenced by laws allowing divorces and contraception.
    "It is the right of individuals, not an indulgence to be dispensed by the state," Olson said. "The right to marry, to choose to marry, has never been tied to procreation."
    Judge Walker pressed Olson on that point, noting Proposition 8 supporters have gone to some lengths to argue that gays and lesbians only can have children with help from a third party, unlike opposite-sex couples.

  2. >I said I was disappointed with the President's speech

    As well you should be. Like all Americans, we expect our Presidents to DO something. Other than point fingers.

    .>Today I must say I am impressed with what he accomplished yesterday.

    In a twenty minute meeting? It was more likely just some posturing and a general collapse of BP in front of the Boy King.

    >I refer to the $20 billion commitment plus he obtained from BP.

    Commitment? I'd call it extortion. So when does the litigation start. The stockholders, the dividend recipients, the British pensioners (from whence they get 20% of their pension), and to a lesser extent the workers were extorted to the tune of 20B$. If their liability was capped at 75M$, where does the BP CEO and team get off giving away the assets of the company? And to a political slush fund? The 911 fund was a disaster that we have only partially seen the facts. More money to be "expensed" by the politically connected.

    As a lawyer, would you care to opine on under what principle of law he can extract such a "commitment"? If you were counsel to the BP CEO, would you advise him to pay off like a slot machine? If you were advising the stockholders, wouldn't you sue?

    >Perhaps Obama is a different type leader.

    Leader? Sorry, but I haven't seen ANY leadership out of him. Even on his "signature" items — porkulous and socialist health, he was like a disinterested third party. Lobbyists and backroom aides wrote the bills.

    > He seems much like Teddy Rooseveelt.

    He's not "in the Arena". He's in campaign mode; still running for the job. Or reelection. Although, he is, like TR, killing folks. He's expanded Bush's Predator Drone program. Killing even American citizens!

    > Speak softly and carry a large stick.

    No speak and no stick. He's just another corrupt Chicago politician. BP is his biggest contributor and long time benefactor of his Chief Of Staff Rahm. His background tells you a lot about him.


    If he was a true leader, he'd have reached out to Sarah Palin for her expertise in regulating Oil Companies. She'd have told him that they "understate the truth". If he was a real leader, he'd have installed Biden in Texas and asked the Bushes to assist him in "solving the problem". If he was a real leader, he'd have engaged on Day One.

    Sorry, but the only thing that needs to be kicked, is him. Out!

    Not that McCain is a saint either. But Sarah would have been an asset to have in place. Not that she's Joan of Arc either. I dislike BOTH political parties.

    But when the Nation is in trouble, EVERYONE needs to be used. There's no shame in not having all the answers. There's plenty in not asking the right questions.

    He's yet another "empty suit".

    You were more correct yesterday!

  3. This just arrived, thought I would share.

    "Prop 8's lead attorney Charles Cooper claimed yesterday to Judge Vaughn Walker during yesterday's closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger — the federal Prop 8 trial:

    "The marital relationship is fundamental to the existence and survival of the race. Without the marital relationship, your honor, society would come to an end."

    Unbelievable. Fortunately, Ted Olson, the legendary conservative attorney leading the case to overturn Prop 8, delivered an absolutely brilliant closing argument simultaneously destroying Cooper's case and moving many to tears.

    As Ted Olson said yesterday, "if there was ever a trial in the history of our country that the American people should have seen, it was this one."

    "titch titch titch……she responds shaking her head."

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