Everything is too good in Key West!

The weather is fantastic!

It worries me.

The Gulf oil spill is around the corner. Yet not even a tar ball.

I sometimes wonder. Can it be? This disaster is going to miss us?

A big morning ahead. The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

Ten o’clock this morning. KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet at www.konkam.com.

Some terrific topics. The Gulf oil spill, of course. Then Prop 8 and same sex marriage, a soon to be topless women’s march in Key West, poor judgment and the law involving a female attorney and an underwire bra, the weird lawsuit of the week concerning an accident which ocurred while an off duty police woman was putting on a thong, the legend of the Lone Ranger, the Kagan confirmation hearing for the U.S. Supreme Court, the King of Ghana and our slave heritage, Vermont weird dumb laws, a walk back in Presidential history with Abraham Lincoln, recent developments with the new Arizona immigration law and more!

Listen in!

Yesterday was a quiet one for me.

I walked in the morning. Apparently not enough. I am fighting 3-4 extra pounds.

Then cuban toast and coffee and the newspapers at Lucky Day.

Home to paper work.

In the middle of the afternoon, I needed a break. So it was off to get a manicure. Tammy brightened my day! A lovely Vietnamese woman…..girl. She must be all of 25. Short. Thin. Long black hair. Beautiful. Tammy and her husband recently purchased the nail business. They are hard workers.

Back home. More paper work. Kept me at my desk till about 9. A busy day work wise. It is called retirement. I sometimes wonder.

I did not spend much time looking at my e mails yesterday. Played catch up this morning.

My friend Howard Livingston wrote me yesterday to tell me about his new internet show Key West Time that was debuting last night at 8 on conchtv.com. I missed it! Sorry, Howard.

Next week and every week for sure I will watch it!

Howard is a good guy. He asked me in the same e mail if I would be a special guest on his new show. Of course! I am honored!

Have to hustle now. Get ready for the radio show. Listen in! Watch!

Enjoy your day!

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