The President’s address to the Nation last night disappointed me.

I have nothing more to say.

Another interesting Key West day yesterday. Screwed up might be the better word.

I went to take a shower at 9 in the morning. No water. Bone dry.

Did I pay the bill?

Checked it out. Yes, payed.

Telephoned the water company. A problem in Key Haven. Mine not the first call.

I waited an hour. Still no water.

I need to shower and brush my teeth in the morning. Feel icky otherwise.

So I headed over to Lisa’s. The termites have nothing to do with water.

A block from my house were 2 trucks and a bulldozer. And water bubbling out of the ground big time. A broken pipe.

It took till 3 in the afternoon for the pipe to be repaired and water restored.

I did my thing at Lisa’s. Saw no termites.

Afterwards, I headed over to Blossom’s for cuban toast and coffee. I had not been there in a while. Blossom’s is the old Paradise Cafe relocated one block away. Same people. A different location.

Blossom’s has a new front. The inside is still the same, however. So is the food. The best cuban toast in Key West!

I spent the rest of the day home working on friday’s radio show. I have some great topics to share with you friday!

Lisa and family showed up for dinner. I expected them. The termite problem brought them to me.

Lisa cooked. Chicken, potaotoes and peas in oil broiled in the oven. To die for!

Robert and Ally swam. Then took baths in my jacuzzi.

I encouraged them all to sleep here. No, they were going home. They could handle the termites!

Humid this morning. The air is heavy. Very little breeze.

I play golf this morning. Should be good for at least a 2 pound loss.

Enjoy your day!

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