The Gulf oil spill remains the major concern for the people of the keys. It is coming. Slowly. But as sure as nightfall, it will arrive.

With all due respect (I still sound like a lawyer), BP and the government are sitting on their hands as far as the Florida keys are concerned. Too little by way of preparation is being done.

Key Westers are an independent sort. Much like the don’t tread on me Texans of long ago.

Key West is getting ready on its own. They will welcome help from BP and the government when it comes. But until then, they are doing what they think is correct to minimize the immending disaster.

An independent local response has formed. A group is meeting, talking, preparing and doing things. Basically without help from BP and the Coast Guard.

One of the problems with the Coast Guard assistance is that it is not forthcoming till the problem is 72 hours away. Too late in many instances! Look at the beaches and wetlands in Louisiana and Mississippi.

One of the things the local response group is doing is called Adopt a Mangrove. The oil will kill the mangrove population and the many fish that habitat within these islands. The oil soaked mangroves will be substantially easier to clean if the everyday garbage which natuarally floats to them is removed first.

The group is out cleaning mangrove islands on their own. In anticipation of the coming problem.

One mangrove island recently was cleaned by 13 women in kayaks. They removed 35 bags of trash.

It is called self help. The independent people of the lower keys are not waiting for BP and the government. They are doing their thing and making their contribution.

It’s old fashioned. It’s American.

God bless them!

A quiet day for me yesterday.

My day started with a doctor visit. They seem to multiply as one gets older.

I have had a thyroid problem for well over 30 years. Was on a high daily dosage. Since I lost the 30 pounds, my need has decreased dramatically. Every two months my dosage gets reduced.

I am impressed!

Lunch was at Lucky Day Cafe. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Read the morning papers.

I spent the rest of the day at home doing paper work and preparing for friday’s radio show.

Dinner last night was at the bar at the Sports Page. No one there. Chris bartending. I had a sandwich. Made some small talk.

Stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. The family was all gathered in the living room. Prepared to sleep on couches and other chairs. A slumber party of sorts.

Seems termites have invaded Lisa and Corey’s home. Especially Lisa’s bedroom. The tent will be arriving soon!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mmm, that Cuban toast sounds wonderful! Congrats on being able to lower your medication, keep up the good work! I'm impressed to hear of the cleaning the locals are doing in the mangroves. I wish it were something that had been done all along, but at least someone had the forethought to work on it now, before it gets bad. We have only seen the tip of the iceburg in this disaster, I am horrifed at what could be the final results.

  2. was just doing some "light" reading. thought of you when i happened on this:

    Where am I?
    Who am I?
    How did I come to be here?
    What is thing called the world?
    How did I come into the world?
    Why was I not consulted?
    And if I am compelled to take part in it,
    Where is the director?
    I want to see him.
    -Soren Kierkegaard

    have a beautiful day!


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