The best term to describe Key West weather these days is consistency.

Great weather!

My sunday yesterday started with Meet the Press and the other news talk shows. I sometimes wonder whether many of our problems are created by these talk shows. They sometimes pick at things creating problems where none exist.

Then it was off to the Coffee House to read the sunday New York Times. I refuse to buy a newspaper. Especially pay close to $5 for a Sunday Times. Don’t know why. Just one of my quirks.

I never got past the editorial page. The humidity was heavy. I was becoming uncomfortable. I left.

It was lunch time so I went over to the Lucky Day Cafe. Which I knew was air conditioned.

Cuban toast and coffee and read the Key West Citizen. The newspaper being freely provided.

The campers were at my house when I returned home. Robert and Ally. I cannot get rid of them.

Ally was going to an all girls birthday party. I was to watch Robert.

Robert was all excited. Not because I was watching him. Lisa had stopped at Ross’ and there was a metal golf set for sale. $10.99. Four clubs with metal shafts, 3 balls, tees and a bag. The stuff looked for real. Robert thought they were for real. He was shouting…..I’ve got real golf clubs, Poppa!

This is his second set. I bought him plastic ones a couple of years ago.

Robert is going to take lessons in a couple of weeks at the golf course. They have a program for young ones. $60 for a week of group lessons. 9-1 for 5 days. Real clubs for kids provided. Robert is signed up. We have been talking about it. He now watches golf on tv with me. He understands get the ball in the hole in 4!

Robert had yet to visit the golf course. I took him yesterday afternoon.

To a six year old, it was a spectacular first time experience!

He was both excited and in awe. The vastness of the fairways. The flags flying. The carts running around.

I took him in the shack where my bag was stored. We were only going to putt and I needed to get my putter and some balls. Robert was carrying his own putter, of course.

The bag storage shed impressed him. But then, everything did!

We putted on the practice green for about an hour. I tried to instruct him. Line your feet with the hole, ball in the middle of your stance, club shaft also, hit the ball. I finally made him understand that the ball and club head location lined up off his pecker. That locked the concept in.

After a while, I just left him alone. He hit the ball around. He was having fun. So was I.

A friend of his from school class went by on a cart with his father. They waved at each other. A proud moment for both.

Robert is anxious to ride in a cart. He asked me about a car seat and car belt. It was difficult for him to understand why neither exist on a golf cart when he must always wear and sit in one otherwise.

After our putting experience, I took him into the pro shop. Golf clubs galore! Overwhelming for a six year old. I had him hold a new driver. One with a huge head. The club was significantly taller than Robert.

Then to the bar. We shared a diet Pepsi. Another big deal! His mother does not permit the grandkids to drink any kind of soda.

Such was my afternoon.

Last night I wandered over to La Trattoria for dinner.

Kathy bartending. Where have you been? You have not been in for a while!

Correct she was. I told her I did not love her anymore.

Becha came over to give me a hug and kiss. I thought…..Louis, how stupid you are! Becha’s hug and kiss alone are worth the visit!

I had an enjoyable evening. Great Events Louis’ parents were there. Gail, also. And many others.

Then home to bed to watch the Tony awards.

Great show! However I was disappointed that my good friend Terri White had not been nominated.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. FYI: I'm a first time responder and a long-time reader of your blog.

    Good morning!

    Enjoyable Sunday you had, you make me jealous many times a week! My wife and I are preparing for our annual escape to the island, sounds like there will be an abundance of thick air!

    I am curious about your viewpoint on the possible Wisteria Island development? I've been reading from a distance about attempts, once again, to make something happen there. Any inside knowledge of the legal hoops being jumped through?

    As always, your daily updates are refreshing and material for daydreaming for us 9-5ers.

    Thank you-

    Scott A.

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