Good morning world!

Hello Sunday!

Another great Key West day in the making!

The sun is shining. Very few clouds in the sky. Little breeze. No humidity yet.

Quiet. Church quiet.

It rained big time after dinner last night. It will soon start raining a bit more each day. We are entering the rainy season. Once it arives, it becomes routine. It rains about 1 every afternoon for 5 minutes. For real. That’s it.

I have the urge to pontificate a bit this morning. Sort of like church sermon time. Bear with me.


My sense is we are forgetting the Rule of Law. Mass hysteria seems to be growing. The voice of the crowd is getting loud.

Is mob rule ultimately to prevail?

We are all concerned. Rightfully so. A problem out of control is upon is.

I see two things about to happen. First, the U.S. government will declare the spill a national disaster. It is. The government will then take over from the git go. Second, BP will eventually file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It will be the only way for BP and those hurt to effectively manage the claims situation.

The system will work if invoked, as I believe it will be. BP is not doing the job on its own at the present time. And BP cannot be trusted to be honest and forthright. BP is purely economically driven. Its words of compassion for people and nature are hollow and not sincere.

And… the next year we have to go back to regulating corporate America. It cannot be trusted to go it alone.

An observation. Some people are pigs.

BP opened a claims office in Marathon a couple of weeks ago. Marathon is 45 miles north of Key West. The spill has not reached the Florida keys as yet.

Last week it was announced that BP had already paid in excess of $3 million in claims out of the Marathon claims office.


Legitimacy, honesty is required on both sides. Lets not have one or more rotten apples in the barrel that will spoil it for everyone.

Enough for sermonizing.

Yesterday was so so.

I spent the afternoon alone at Smather’s Beach. Soaking up the sun. I sat down at the quiet end. No one around. One lonely palm tree. Quietly refreshing.

When I returned home, the grandkids were here and in the pool. I returned to shouts of Poppa! My good days as Club Poppa director were still being rewarded!

Lisa and I and the grandkids had an early dinner at Hogfish.

Robert and Ally were given crayons and coloring sheets. Robert did not want to color. Ally did. I did.

Ally colors well. Meticulously. Good color interchange. Stayed within the lines.

My coloring skills left much to be desired. Outside the lines and messy. I had not done it in years! I was appropriately chastised by both my grandchildren.

Hogfish had a fried oyster special last night. I have never had fried oysters at Hogfish. They were so good! Great!

We all returned to my home for ice cream. I have to get rid of all the goodies I bought for our camp week.

I have cones that are already trimmed with chocolate syrup. Ho ho!

Our choices were chocolate and vanila ice cream. And sprinkles! Rainbow ones! I could open my own ice cream store!

I feel energized this morning. I may walk or ride my bike. Watch the talk shows. Read the Sunday papers. Generally screw off. That is what Sundays are for!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. >BP, Government takes over the problem, and bankruptcy

    At the risk of infuriating you, or being seen as excusing BP, perhaps the "BP disaster" might be a teachable moment. "Teachable" about how up to their elbows, both the gooferment, both "political parties", and politicians / bureaucrats are in the "barbara streisand"!

    In assigning blame, does it really matter who is "more" at fault. It's kinda of like being "a little pregnant". You either are or you ain't. In pregnancy and the BP oil spill, there's no degrees of measurement.


    (1) Clinton, Bush, and Obama are all culpable in the disaster in they signed and allowed the "deep water" stuff to be permitted, encouraged, and liability limited.

    (2) Regulatory capture, campaign contributions, corruption (e.g., Rahm Emanual's residing in the BP guy's house) — Corporatism, Gooferment / Business collusion, and "spin" — are all involved in how it was permitted. (Seriously, MMS giving Deepwater an award ten days before it explodes?)

    (3) And, the citizens share some blame as well. By failing to DEMAND nuclear energy like France, drilling in Anwar, and holding politicians accountable for their promises of "energy independence", mean that We, The People have to share some of the blame.

    It's unacceptable for folks to rail against BP, the Gooferment, or subsets of the actors in this drama, We have to quote Pogo. "We've met the enemy and it's us"!

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