Good morning!

The weather had been great!

Except for the humidity. It is no longer creeping in. It has creeped in!

Today is my radio show! 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Or watch and hear it on the internet at worldwide.

A lot of challanging issues today. From the Gulf oil spill to the locked doors of the Key West Police Station. Listen in and enjoy!

Today is the last day for Club Poppa. Wonderful! Marvelous! I love my grandkids, but WOW! This has been a tiring experience.

Yesterday was an easy one at Club Poppa.

We swam in the morning and played games. I bought a large black inflatable whale. A hit! Robert and Ally loved it. Plus I got some terrific pics of them riding the whale.

It was Shrek day!

Lunch was at McDonald’s. We each had a Shrek bag with chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate milk. I let the grandkids do the ordering.

I planned the movie trip poorly time wise. After lunch, there was still an hour to kill before the movie. So it was off to Dairy Queen. We each had a different cone of ice cream. Too much. None of us finished our treat.

Finally the movies!

They took to the theater and the movie like pros. I think this was only their third time.

We did 2 bags of pop corn. One with butter and one without. And diet Pepsi for me. Lisa had required that I bring special kids lemonade for them.

Robert and Ally fell into their seats. The seats were bigger than them. I feared they could not see. No problem.

Their eyes were glued to the screen from start to finish. In awe.

It was after 3 when the movie was over. Lisa was home. I took Robert and Ally home.

I said to my lovely daughter…..They’re all yours, Lisa!

Lisa arranged for a sitter while I am doing my radio show this morning. The grandkids will watch for the first time on the internet. I promised to say hello.

This afternoon I have a guest appearance on Stephanie Kaple’s Fashion Show at 3. Only about 10 minutes. Listen in. Stephanie is terrific. I am going to comment on a recent employee discrimination case involving a bank. The woman was reubenesque and her employer did not approve of the clothing that covered her.

Enjoy your day!

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