It is just before 7 in the morning.

The sun just came up. Still a bit gray. No clouds. Humid. Sticky kind.

I am waiting for a volcano to come through the front door. Any minute!

The grandkids are betweeen school and summer camp. This week they have nothing. So I am baby sitting. It has been decided it would be better if I did it here at my home. I have the pool.

It is going to be an interesting week. Me and them. Today I think I am going to drive up to Boondocks and play miniature golf with them. Then the three of us will have lunch there.

In between, the pool and play games. Robert and Ally have a new monopoly game for kids. They are bringing it over. They have already told me they will be teaching me the game.

The Gulf oil spill continues to be the major item of discussion and concern. If it is to come to the keys, it is still at least 10 days away. It is just hitting the Panhandle in north Florida.

This is a new experience. We do not know what to expect. We are ready for the worst, if it is so. Like the pictures on tv have been showing. On the other hand, many think the major problem will be tar balls. Hard oil balls.

The wait is a killer. You know something bad is going to happen. The when is the uncertain part.

And now we are into hurricane season. Hurricane talk is beginning. When is the issue here also. The hurricanes generally start off the west coast of Africa. There are none formulating as yet.

Someone wrote and asked if it was ok to visit Key West a week from now. Who knows. I am not the expert. But I will share my personal thoughts with the writer.


If the oil spill hits soon, it is at least 10 days away. Maybe 2 weeks. Maybe longer. We are dealing with an unknown.

You state you are staying at the Casa Marina. One of the most magnificent hotels in Key West! So you may not swim in the ocean. The Casa has two large beautiful pools! And everyting else in Key West is still here. The bars and restaurants. The tourist sights. The night life.

Finally, when again will you have the opportunity to experience an event of this magnitude. Dependiong on the severity of whatever hits, the birds may require cleaning. The bigger fish care. You could spend your vacation helping! A unique once in a life time experience!

Robert and Ally have arrived! They came through the door yelling Camp Poppa! I am in for it!

I set them up outside at the tiki hut for breakfast. I am writing this blog now at the tiki hut also. They are eating loops and chatting. Waking my neighbors. But I don’t care. Many a night they keep me up partying with their guests. This is my pay back time.

Marty is back.

We went to the movies last night. Sex and the City 2.

I was not impressed. Save your money.

I was disappointed, also. I was a fan through out the tv series. I thought the movie two years ago was terrific. The powers to be did not know when to stop and say enough!

Godfather 3 was one movie too many. So too was Sex and the City last night.

It just did not have it.

They also made the 4 women look too old. Three are in their 40s and one in her 50s. Still good looking women in today’s society. Not in the movie. Lines and wrinkles were added. Not realisitic.

I have to explain now to the grandkids the necessity of cleaning up whatever they drop on the deck. There are a few milk soaked loops. If not picked up, the bugs will invade. One of the concerns of living on a tropic island.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou- You forgot the 5th character on Sex and the City… Fashion and she looked great! The shoes alone deserve an Oscar.

  2. Good advice on telling people to continue with their planned trip to Key West!! I'm coming into town on July 3 and no amount of oil will change that. As you said, still plenty to do down there.


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