I am lazy today. Just got up. Almost 9.

I laid in bed watching Errol Flynn as Lord Essex making love to Betty Davis’ Queen Elizabeth in a 1939 movie.

Yesterday started with me being a good neighbor. Took some friends to the airport.

I was up early. Too early. What to do?

I bought some newspapers and drove to the Atlantic. All of 300 feet away from the airport.

Along the beach runs a sidewalk. At certain points on the sidewalk are benches. I picked one sitting right on the edge of the wall butting the ocean. Feet resting on the wall. And read.

I could hear the water. I could smell the salt. I felt the breeze. The sun warmed me.

Lunch was a high point for me. With Tom and Chris at Hogfish. Their first time.

Hogfish is an open air restaurant. A throwback to the 1950s. It sits on the water in what is known as downtown Stock Island. A joke! One you can only appreciate if you visit the place.

I like Tom and Chris. They are from the Syracuse area and visit Key West 3-4 times a year. We have become friends.

We had good conversation.

Chris wrote me this morning. Said I kept referring to her as Cindy yesrerday and in a recent blog. Sorry Cindy! Oops, Chris! I screw up occasinally.

My apologies.

Lisa and the grandkids came over. For the whole afternoon. we did pool time a long time. I got a tan on top of my tan!

It amazes me how well Robert and Ally swim. Of course, they are in the water almost every day. Good they are!

I am a neat freak. Especially my bed. You would not know any one even slept in it.

I was watching the golf tournament after swimming. Laying on my bed, of course. Robert and Ally joined me. My bed will never be the same!

I finally sent them all home. The Belmont was coming up and I wanted to watch it quietly. Out! was the command!

I did a quiet night last night. Outback. At the bar. I have come to enjoy their steaks. Together with a baked sweet potato and steamed vegetables. The sin I commit in eating the steak is off set by the sweet potato and vegetables. At least in my mind.

Things are quieting down. Especially for a Saturday night. Outback’s was basically empty. Not many people at Hogfish for lunch. I think it is a combination of out of season and people starting to worry about the Gulf oil spill. Once it hits the Florida keys, many are going to be out of work.

The weather continues to be outstanding. Except the humidity is starting to creep in. Not bad yet. But a little heavier each day. It also has rained the past 3 nights. We are slowly moving into the rainy season.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. My partner and I are supposed to be blowing in on a Southern breeze to Key West from 12 -19 June. We are staying at the Casa Marina. Will you share with me what your thoughts are on visiting at this stage of the oil spill?

    I have become a regular reader and enjoy your words that paint such beauty and comic relief.

    Warmest regards,

    Maria elizabeth

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