Good morning!

I am writing today’s blog late. Sorry!

Got up late. Then had to drive some friends to the airport.

Yesterday’s radio show was a hit! A lot of favorable reaction afterward. From as far as South Africa. Wow!

Better than half the show was devoted to the new Arizona immigration law. …..Show me your papers! I was fortunate to have Don Riggs join me. Don lives here in Key West and is a life long radio and television newsman. He is just finishing up a one month vacation in Arizona.

Don’s observations were revealing!

Don claims from what he has seen, bigotry is not the issue. More than half of the Arizonians are Latinos who are already citizens. Don says the primary problem is an economic one. School and medical costs being at the forefront. Increased taxes another.

Arizonians are taking what appear to be drastic steps because the federal government has failed in its responsibility to protect the borders. So the people of Arizona have resorted to what might be described as self help.


After the radio show, I stopped at the Coffee House for some brew and the New York Times.

Then I was off to lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. Where I read the Miami paper.

I am hooked on reading newspapers. The reason is I did not do so for almost 50 years. A busy practicing lawyer only has time to read legal papers and briefs. I am now making up for a lot of lost years.

The Gulf oil spill is coming. Sure as day turns to night. It is now in the Panhandle of Florida. Starting to affect the beaches up there.

The winds have turned and the oil is starting to get into the loop current stream.

Eventually everyone from Louisiana on the west through the Carolinas on the east are going to have the same problem. Massive unemployment! The hotel and restaurant industries are tourist driven. Tourists are not going to spend their vacations where they cannot use the beaches and water. The fishing industry is doomed. Everyone in Key West will feel the impact.

What to do?

People have to think outside the box to find a solution.

I would like to make claim to a solution about to be proposed. But I cannot. It came from one smarter than me in this regard.

His name is Kurt. Kurt is a bartender at Don’s Place. Some days a scratch golfer. Lives on the water near me in Key Haven. 50ish. Street smart. Otherwise smart.

Kurt gave me a call yesterday. His solution is brilliant! Think about it for a moment before you say no.

Kurt’s solution keeps all local businesses going and helps to get the oil damaged ones cleaned up. And brings immediate income into the community.

Kurt says there is massive unemployment throughout the country. He is correct. Yesterday’s figures revealed food stamps were being given for the first time to over 40 million people.The numbers further showed that the jobless rate is at a 26 year high.

Kurt says import the unemployed from other parts of the United States to the keys. Put them to work cleaning up the mess. Cleaning the birds, the water. And whatever else has to be done. They would be payed by BP. They would stay at our hotels and eat in our restaurants. And of course do their drinking in our bars.

Kurt’s idea is not so far fetched. After 9/11, security became big time at airports. Key West did not have enough people to do the work. The federal government imported security people from all over the United States to work at the Key West airport. And payed their hotel and food bills. For several years.

The same type program is workable here. And it keeps two groups employed instead of one. The locals and people who would be imported to help.

Good idea, Kurt! Good thinking!

It turns a lemon into a lemonade!

Hopefully someone in authority will read or be sent this blog and take heed. At least consider the solution presented.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kurt does have a great idea, but I don't think the authority gets paid to think in that direction. BP doesn't want to thing like that. they will wait in order to save money. Remember BP is looking for ways to make it nt interested in spending till they are forced too.

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