Yesterday morning was a big deal!

Robert graduated from kindergarten!

He was very excited. And proud. Beaming!

He graduated from Montessori.

There were 15 5 years olds. 10 girls and 5 boys.

Each wore a blue board hat. With a tassel, of course. And a ribbon around their necks signifying year and graduate status.

A big day again for Robert. An even bigger day for Lisa and Corey. Proud parents!

Afterwards I headed over to the Coffee House. Read the New York Times. Chatted with some people.

Then it was off to home. I wanted to have lunch at home. I should have gone out. I ate too much. That is why I keep the cupboard bare. It is easier to control consumption.

I spent the afternoon doing paperwork. Followed by a nap. I sometimes think the nap is the best part of my day.

Last night I met Don and Cindy at the Chart Room. Don and Cindy are from the Syracuse area. They visit Key West every 3 months or so. Syracuse University fans also.

We have become friends.

We met by prearrangement for drinks last night.

Cindy is my kind of girl. She reads my blog/this blog religiously every day. Go Cindy!

We had a pleasant time. We are getting back together again later in the week.

I had dinner with Marty and Louis. Marty is back in town.

Louis is Marty’s handyman up in Hallendale. 30ish. Mother from Hondouras. His father from Italy. He is Spanish in appearance.

A charming personality. A bit of a rogue. I would describe him as a Spanish lover.

Louis wanted to eat Spanish food. We went to El Meson de Pepe at Mallory Square. In the last 10 years I probably have eaten there two times.

My mistake. The food was absolutely terrific! I am not generally a fan of Spanish food. Marty talked me into shrimp with green sauce. I recommend it. Together with the beans, yellow rice, fried bananas and whatever else.

We had a great meal in a pleasant atmosphere.

The conversation was all over the place. Louis and I are liberals. Marty a die hard conservative. So you can imagine the exchanges that took place.

Tonight is my bocce banquet at Don’s Place. An important occasion! A fun time!

Enjoy your day!

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