My Aunt Mary died yesterday.

100 years old.

God bless!

And she lived alone or with one of her children till the time of her death.

God is good on occasion.

My Father is the last of the brood. My grandparents had seven children. They are all gone, except for him. He is 96.

My Father fell last week. Broke 2 ribs and got a black eye. But he will survive. I hope he continues to survive. To 100 plus.

He too is fortunate to still live a normal existence. He lives with a lady friend. For a number of years. Frances is her name. She is a wonderful woman and takes vey good care of my Dad.

Aunt Mary had a good life. Born and raised in Utica. Married Uncle Frank. A professional boxer.
Then a barber. Uncle Frank passed on about 30 years ago.

Phil and Lois are their two children. Both retired now and in their 70s. Successful New York advertising people.

When my Uncle passed on, Phil and Lois took Aunt Mary to New York City to live. She had a new and long interesting life. Her children saw to it. Good kids.

Last night was exciting.

Ally’s birthday. Five years old.

Interesting how we talk of one going and one just starting. Such is life.

Ally had a terrific evening. No question! It was her birthday!

She was the Princess. She enjoyed us and we her. God bless!

Today is another exciting day.

Robert graduates from kindergarten this morning. He is excited! I am excited! His parents are excited!

He kept seeking reassurances from me last night that I would be attending the ceremony. Would not miss it for the world! Today is golf day. No golf for me.

I wish my Aunt Mary a warm good bye. I always liked you. You were one of my favorites. Sensitive. Talented. Enjoy the after life. Say hello to my Mother. Be grateful for your wonderful children who cared for you in every way possible. Look over them and be sure they get the same attention in return.

Enjoy your day folks!

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