This is the day!

Radio show time!

Ten this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me at KONK 1500 AM radio. Even better, watch and hear world wide on the internet at

Some great topics. Some hot topics.

The Gulf oil spill! Big! In the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. An impending doom, perhaps.

Other topics include extremism in our thinking, Kentucky weird dumb laws, the weird dumb lawsuit of the week–involves dog poop, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding life terms for minors in non murder cases without a chance for parole, cockfighting and a lead contamination lawsuit.

Join me! Again, at 10 this morning.

I spent yesterday morning completing preparations for today’s radio show. It had to be done. There was no place to go. The weather outside was very uninviting. Pouring and pouring and pouring. Like it was never going to stop.

It finally did stop in the early afternoon. The sun came out. Bright and hot! And the humidity!

I spent a couple of hours at Borders. Continued to read The Tiger Woods Story. A good book! I have finally come to that decision.

Turns out Tiger’s father was a playboy. Interesting. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

His mother was a big infuluence in his life. I had always thought his father was the overwhelming influence. His mother had a major hand in his mental devleopment and toughness also. Her Muslim and Asiatic backgrounds impacted Tiger.

Bocce last night.

The courts were a mess from the rain. They had not totally dried out yet. Slow.

The sun was burning hot. Very little breeze. And buggy. Those little things that get in your face.

My sneaks got loaded with the wet clay from the court. They are sitting on a newspaper in the kitchen. I am going to run them through the dishwasher this morning. Fear not, I have done it before.

Bocce was fun last night! We won 2 out of 3. Good for us!

It was the last night for two reasons. This was Jules and Jim’s last evening playing bocce. Jim retires from the Air Force next month and they are retiring to New Orleans where they have a home. Last night was also the last night of the season. No more bocce till sometime in August.

After bocce, we all headed over to Don’s Place. Where else! The best venue for drinking in Key West! Owned by one of the best people in Key West, Don Manaher! A former newspaperman from up north. He now operates the most popular drinking establishment for locals in Key West.

We were a good group. A fun group. Kurt bartending. Rob and Beebe sitting at the bar as I walked in. From bocce, Larry, Tom, Nancy and Joanie amongst others. Don also, of course.

When I started the blog this morning, it was gray outside. I just looked out. The sun is up and shining bright. Very little wind. The water moving at a steady gait. It is going to be one terrific Key West day!

Enjoy your day!

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