Yesterday was not a typical Key West day for me. I stayed in and worked all day! Sometimes you must. I did. And I did!

Today will be different.

Ally is still sick. Poor kid! Poppa babysitting today.

I stopped over last night after completing my day at hard labor. Ally was seated on the couch watching tv. In her jammies. Covered with a blanket.

Her eyes were heavy with fever. Her face blank. She was not talking. Just starring.

Robert was the same way last week.

After visiting with Ally, I headed into town. I had not been out in a few evenings.

The Chart Room first.

I was remembered!

Michael, Che and Captain Peter. And a vacationing lawyer from Pittsburgh. Good conversation. No world problems solved, however.

I wanted a quiet dinner somewhere. I decided on Outback. I have come to enjoy their rib eye steak. Delicious and cheap. With a sweet potato baked and swirling in butter and some steamed vegetables.

There are few people at Outback during the week now. It is no longer the season. Actually all restaurants are quiet this time of year.

I took some newspapers with me and sat at the end of the bar. No one around me. Enjoyed the meal and the newspapers.

Then home to watch the primary election returns. America is pissed off! The results show it. The general attitude is throw the bums out!

If an economy is bad, everything is bad. Until the economy is corrected, things are going to be in upheaval in this country and elsewhere.

Jim Brown is my friend living on Crete. Crete is a Greek island. We are both island dwellers.

Jim is originally from Glasgow, Scotland. A musician by profession. Now married and with family.

A happy sort. He would fit in here in Key West without any problem.

I am happy to report that Jim is another friend who is succeeding in the entertainment industry. First, Terri White. Now, Jim Brown.

Jim just got a movie part in a Greek movie being shot on Crete. The movie is called The Island. He is playing a British soldier who can speak Greek.

Go for it, Jim! Big time! May you some day win an Oscar!

Time to get ready for Ally. Hope she is better this morning. If she is, we will play. Bingo, cards, whatever.

Ally will be 5 June 1. She is developing into a lovely young lady. Beautiful smile. She wanted long hair. Lisa let it grow. It looks terrific.

She has a tough personality. Strong willed. Takes no gruff from her older brother Robert. She’s the boss!

The Gulf oil spill continues to be of concern. If and when it hits the so called loop, the current will bring it here. It may have already started. No one is certain. Yesterday about 20 black oil balls showed up on keys’ beaches. They have been tested and the consensus is that they did not come from the spill. If not, then from where? We have not had this problem before.

Listen to my radio show friday. KONK 1500 AM. See and hear on the internet at I am going to have much to say about the spill.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad to hear that those pesky oil balls didn't come from the spill. But they had to come from somewhere, so it's still of a concern! You were certainly right last week when you said on your show that the time for action is now, before it arrives!


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