Gorgeous day!

Sun shining. Blue sky with a sprinkle of small clouds. Absolutely no breeze. Water trickling along.

It is going to be a hot one!

Lisa telephoned. Ally up sick all night. Come over and babysit.

Told her I could not. Have a deposition in a lawsuit today. So Lisa is staying home.

Ally obviously has now come down with what Robert had last week. Probably most of the kids at the birthday party Sunday will also come down with it in the next few days.

That’s how it works!

I received a sad e mail this morning. From Donna. Donna of Donna and Terri.

Stacie’s baby was born here in Key West May 13. The baby had some difficulty in making it out. Was helicoptered to Miami Childrens Hospital. The baby is still on a ventilator. Say a silent prayer right now.

My grandson Robert was at Miami Childrens after he was born. Same scenerio. Helicoptered up there. Miami Childrens is a wonderful place. If anyone can help a child, it is that instiutuion.

Yesterday started with a haircut. Always glad to see Lori.

Then lunch at Lucky Day Cafe. Cuban toast and coffee.

On to Borders to continue reading the Tiger Woods book.

Home to telephone calls and paperwork. Three and a half hours.

Stayed in last night. Watched TV.

Some days I do a lot, others not so much. But the best place in the world to do a lot or nothing is Key West!

Enjoy your day!

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