Yesterday was Sunday.

Some heavy rain in the morning.

Lasted off and on into early afternoon.

Then the sun broke through and it was another great Key West day!

Robert and Ally’s birthday party for their little friends was yesterday. From 11:30 to 1:30. Just enough time!

I arrived about noon. Lisa held the party at the house because of the anticipated rain.

I opened the front door. An avalanche of kids awaited me! It was a zoo! Little ones all over!

Twenty five young ones. Plus one parent per child.

The boys were playing together. The girls separately. Just like life.

The mothers were standing in groups chatting. No one seemed concerned about the kids. Did not have to be. They were all running around and having a good time. Bothering no one. It was their territory. They had taken over the place.

There was one father. He sat quietly drinking a beer.

This was not for me. I had an hour and a half to kill.

I found the morning Key West papers and an empty easy chair in a corner. I got a drink of diet root beer and a sandwich. Plunked myself in the chair and read.

Oblivious to everything going on around me.

I interrupted my reading to sing Happy Birthday. Then returned to what I had been doing.

Women are women. Even when they are young. I noticed that Ally and her girl friends were exchanging clothes during the party. They would appear and reappear in each other’s attire.

The birthday cakes were delicious. Chocolate and vanilla. I had 2 pieces of both.

Everyone appeared to have had a great time! Even the mothers. They had all done this routine before. Seemed to enjoy hanging around and chatting with each other.

And the kids were all good. No problem at any time.

Corey does not buy the Sunday New York Times. So it was over to the Coffee House for me after the party. Read through the interesting sections of the Times. No one around. Very quiet on a mid Sunday afrernoon.

I wanted to read more. It was over to Borders.

I have been reading the new Oprah book. However there was a new Tiger Woods novel. The True Story or something like that. I started the Tiger book. Read about 50 pages. Interesting so far. Nothing revealing.

I ran into Joe and Bob at Borders. Have not seen either in about 3 years.

Bob was a premier sales person at Fletchers for years. I bought a lot of furniture there when I first acquired my Key West home. Fletchers was an exteremely fine furniture store. Bob and Fletchers were hand in glove. Perfect together.

It was good to see them both.

Then home.

I have been staying in evenings. Probably my weight. I am still conscious of my good fortune in losing some weight. And it is easier to control it by eating home than out.

Also boring.

I heard from Tom and Cindy this morning via e mail. They are Key West snowbirds from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Tom and Cindy write me on a frequent basis. I had not heard from them in a couple of weeks. So I wrote. Turns out Tom has been sick. Apparently on the mend now.

Cindy is my one legged friend that I have written about. A personality!

I look forward to their return to Key West.

Enjoy your day!

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