Today is Sunday!

It is raining. Not bad. A sprinkle. But the sky is black. It will rain more.

I find the rain interesting. Yesterday was Robert’s birthday. Six years old. We did the family thing last night. Gifts, cake and Happy Birthday!

Today is Robert’s kiddies party. And Allys, also. Ally will be 5 in 2 weeks. So Lisa is having one big kids party.

Twenty five of them today. Plus parents.

The party was supposed to be at Fort Zachrey Taylor Beach. However the rain prediction for today was 40 per cent. Lisa said it was going to rain. I said no. She insisted. Her party. Her responsibility. She changed the location of the party from the beach to her home.

Lisa was correct. I was wrong. It is raining already today.

I laid in bed till 2 yesterday. Watched tv. Then got ready for Don and Steph’s party. Easy to get ready for. It was a pool party. Threw on a bathing suit and was on my way.

Don and Steph throw great parties. Good people. Generous in many ways.

By the time I arrived, every one was sitting around or floatng in the pool. Drinks and pickies were available. Every one enjoying themselves.

I stayed about 2 1/2 hours. Chatted with everyone. Don, Steph, Tom, Nancy, David, David’s son and his girl friend, Rob, Bebe, Jules, Jim, Jules’ parents, Larry, Christine and I cannot recall who else at this moment.

I left before the cook out portion of the party. Robert’s birthday dinner awaited me!

My intent was to return to Don’s and the pool party afterwards. But I was too tired. So it was home to bed.

The present I gave my grandson Robert was spectacular! Genius was involved! Ingenuity also!

Such modesty!

Robert likes to cook. Only 6 years old! Especially macaroni and cheese.

He will stand on a chair by the counter and help to prepare. He cannot go near the stove however.

Interruption. It is now pouring outside. Big time! Lisa was absolutely correct about it raining!

Anyhow…..I put together a chef/cooking/ macaroni and cheese package for Robert.

I purchased a large clothe bag. Had Robert’s name boldly imprinted on it. And Go Green! Robert is into Green. His primary aim in life is to save the polar bears.

I was able to find a chef’s jacket. Had Chef Robert imprinted on it. He looked terrific in the jacket. Just like a chef! I took some pictures with my cell phone. Wish I knew how to share them with you here. You would love them!

Threw in some dishes, utensils, macaroni and cheese. Plus a cook book. A childrens’ cook book. Dedicated solely to cooking macaroni and cheese. It is possible to find anything on the internet!

Robert went crazy! He was thrilled! He wore the jacket for about an hour. Then his parents gave him their gifts. One was an Indiana Jones outfit, including hat. Robert went from chef to Indiana Jones!

A good party! Robert was thrilled! Every one happy!

On days like Robert’s birthday, I cannot help but be reminded how lucky we are to have him. Robert was born with cancer of the liver. The tumor was larger than his liver.

Humans are not normally born with cancer. It is an after birth acquired illnes. Whatever. Robert had 2 major surgeries at Miami Chrildrens Hospital by the time he was 8 days old.

Fortunately, he is well. God bless!

I never made it back to Don and Steph’s party. I was too tired. I think it is the new heart pills. All of a sudden I get dead tired. I had to head home and was in bed sleeping before 8.

And I do not drink anymore! I could go longer on booze than I can on medication!

Enjoy your day! Still pouring outside. Hope it does not last all day.

Lisa just telephoned. See, I told you, she said!

Right she was! The rain outside my window is blowing like a monsoon! Thunder, too!

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  1. Louis, I loved your story about Robert's birthday gift. What a thoughtful Grandpa you are! I am smiling as I think of him in his Chef regalia!
    Have a fabulous day!

    CR Cindy

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