Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

A little redundancy never hurt.

I slept a bit later. Woke at the conclusion of a pleasant dream. I feel good!

Yesterday’s radio show was fun! Love doing it!

After moving beyond the keys cockfighting arrests and Florida’s new law allowing cameras on traffic lights, I hit on two biggies. The Gulf oil spill and Elena Kagan.

I shared my thoughts re the oil spill and what people must do NOW from a legal perspective to protect themnselves. The spill is like a hurricane. It has not yet hit. There is anticipation. I believe the spill will arive in the keys at some point. Too much oil and all it is going to take is a wind shift.

The perpetrators, to wit: BP, Transocean and Hulburton, are the enemy. Not friends. Trust them not. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

My advice is that the various groups gather together. The homeowners, fishing fleets, hotels, communities. Hire the right lawyers now. Plan your battle now.

The enemy has already done so.

Government has a role, also. Many. One I would suggest to the Governor is to set up a separate court system to handle these cases. With new rules of evidence and limited appeal grounds. To expedite the slew of cases that are coming. And most importantly, to give those damaged more timely recourse to justice and recompense.

I talked at length about Elena Kagan. President Obama’s recent nomination to the United States Supreme Court. I did a detailed background report on her. We know little about her, even with the media blitz being experienced. I tried to reveal the person from her birth to the present. Family, education, jobs and the like.

After the show, I participated in a brief meeting with Gary and Larry. The new show is still a conceptual exercise. It is however starting to take shape.

Afterwards I bought a newspaper and headed to the Shrimp Shack for lunch. I enjoy the peace and solitude of sitting on the dock and spending time there.

Very few shrimp boats in. I thought they all would be docked. It was mid friday. Perhaps I was early.

A lot of tarpon in the water. Around the docks. Huge ones. Some jumping up, breaking the water.

Needed a manicure. Stopped in to see Tammy after the meeting with Gary and Larry. The place was jam packed. Giggling women all over. Two bridal groups. Tammy said come back this aftrernoon. I could not get out of there soon enough.

When I did return in the afternoon after lunch, it was quiet. Peaceful. I enjoyed the manuicure. I enjoyed Tammy.

I dieted earlier this week. Only for 3 days. Since I lost the 30 pounds about 2 months ago, I have been gaining. It is inevitable. Only 5 pounds. Normally I would say what the hell and let it go. Then the 5 becomes 10, the 10 15, the 15 20 and we are off and running!

Not this time I resolved!

I decided for the first time in my life to nip the weight problem in the bud. I was going to lose the 5 pounds. In 5 days! Back to the Medifast diet. Strictly for those 5 days. I figured that was all it would take to drop 5 pounds.

I was wrong. It took less time. In 3 days I dopped 7 pounds. At 1,000 calories a day, it was easy.

So thursday morning after stepping on the scale, I was off the diet.

I lost another pound yesterday without even trying. I am now 3 pounds ahead of the game and better than when I lost the 30 pounds.

To accomplish this success, the refrigerator had to be empty. I am easily tempted. Now that I am back to some sort of reasonable eating, I had to buy food. Yesterday after everythiung else, I stopped at Publix.

Purchased things like eggs, fruit, chicken and whole wheat bread. The chocolate covered donuts were a problem. Threw a box in the basket. Proceeded to other shopping. Returned several minutes later and took them out. Returned the chocolate covered donuts to the shelf. There are some temptations I cannot control if the food is in the house!

I cooked in last night. Two scrambled eggs and coffee. Still a bit extrme, I agree. But I prefer crawling back into eating. What I read on the scale is sufficient satisfaction.

Lisa telephoned last night. Rita had e mailed her.

Rita was nanny to the grandkids for 3 years. A good nanny! A good person!

Rita was originally from South Africa. She had children and grandchildren in South Africa. She returned to South Africa after 3 years. Periodically she and Lisa communicate over the internet. Occasionally they telephone so that Robert and Ally can talk with Rita.

Rita e mailed yesterday asking about Robert’s health. She reads this blog every day and knew he had been sick. She also watches and listens to the radio show. Wow! How we keep in touch with each other any where in the world these days!

My friend Marty. Where are you Marty! You come and go. More go than come in recent months. I need a dinner companion. Get your ass back here!

I have a pleasant day ahead. A pool party at Don’s home this afternoon. Always fun. Then dinner with Lisa and the family. It is Robert’s birthday. Six years old! A big time tonight!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Do you not believe that since we can easily get a man on the moon that our federal government should put some of our highly paid scientists to work on the oil problem? Sure they could quickly come up with a resolution. I'm all for gov't billing the private companies involved, once it has been taken care of, who obviously can't take care of their own mess.

  2. Lou: Thanks for thinking about me. I've been busy as hell up here in Hallandale Beach with upgrading my home, having things done such as painting, repairing, and more painting. Seems everything is getting the new, clean look. I will be back in Key West as soon as I can, although I have been shooting down there for a day or two here and there. Best regards, Marty PS: If you come up here, I can show you my local restaurants and watering holes.

  3. Thank you Louis, for the compliments, you are good people too! How I miss Key West and my life there, would return any day if I could find such lovely kids again to take care of! I miss them and reading about them in your blog means a lot to me. They will always live in my heart. Oh, yes, and I know where Robert's love for Marcoroni & Cheese comes from… we used to make it once a week for lunch !! Take care, Rita.

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