Good morning world!

Today is friday. And friday means radio show time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour can he heard at 10 this morning on KONK 1500 AM. The show is available also world wide on the internet. It can be seen as well as heard on the internet. The wonders of modern technology!

The radio show topics will be interesting and fast moving this morning. I will touch on the oil spill, women serving on submarines, women fighting in the Civil war, Florida gay adoption, Terri White, New York weird dumb laws, the Times Square attempted bombing defendant, the new Arizona immigration law, John Newton and Amazing Grace, a comedian who won a mother in law lawsuit, Obama’s stimulus package, a new California law to protect seniors, the gospel and Thomas Jefferson, a lead contamination lawsuit and the locked doors to the Key West Police Station.

A full plate!

Key West weather has been absolutely magnificent of late! Sunny and warm. Low 90s yesterday. Some humidity.

I spent the morning fine tuning today’s radio show. Then I decided to take advantage of the good weather.

I drove up to Boondocks for lunch. With the convertible top down.

Boondocks is 30 miles north. Up US 1. Near Big Pine. A great drive! The speed of the car cooling me.

I sat quietly in the shade at Boondocks, ate a light lunch and read the newspapers.

When I returned home, I took a swim in the pool. Actually floated around for a while. My eyes saw beauty all around. The blue sky, green palm trees and my white house. All backgrounded by the ocean. A God is good feeling overcame me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning golf balls.

From the supreme to the mundane!

I had bought a bag on the golf course wednesday from a homeless guy who had collected them. They were dirty dirty. I scrubbed them with a brush under the water. Then marked each ball with my initials. Since I was in such a good mood, I even painted a little happy face on each ball with the marker.

That, my friends, is how a retired person spends his day in Paradise.

Enjoy your day! Tune in to my radio show this morning if you can!

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