I am ashamed!

My friend Stepanie Kaple did her first radio show yesterday. 3 o’clock on KONK radio. My station. She was simultaneously on the internet for viewing.

I did not hear her. I did not see her.

I forgot she was on! While she was doing her first show, I was at home watching Gary Cooper in Sgt. York.

For shame!

My apologies, Stephanie!

Some did watch, however. I understand Steph’s first show was a hit. Fashion is her topic. Her guests were her friends and mine, Clayton and Valerie.

Clayton was a bartender around town. Val still bartends at the Hot Tin Roof. They are husband and wife. They both have been operating a new business for the past six months. Dirty Dog Tee Shirts. http://www.dirtydogtees.com/.

What a great idea by Steph! To have tee shirt producers as her first guests. Tee shirts are everything in Key West. They are the primary mode of dress for males and females in Key West.

Stephanie, I promise to watch and hear you next week!

By the way, Steph does a weekly blog. It all starts with shoes. She is a shoe nut. Buys all kinds of high heeled shoes. Spends all her pay on shoes. So what else would she write about! She starts with shoes and ends up discussing some earth shaking problem. Deep stuff. You can read her material at http://www.theislandshoegirl.com/.

My radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour was yesterday morning. Went well. I thought it was one of the better ones I have done. These shows are not easy. It takes 5 hours of preparation for each 1 hour show. The topics selected have to be just right. They have to flow one to the other. There must be continuity. Timing is extremely important.

I do not always do good. Sometimes I screw up. I can sense whether good or bad as I am doing the show. Yesterday I sensed nothing but good.

I received many favorable comments after the show. From as far away as Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kankakee, Illinois and Crete, Greece.

Two main topics yesterday were the Gulf oil spill and Amazing Grace.

I did not hit on the factual aspects of the spill. Everyone knows about them. The story is all over the media. I went a step further to tomorrow. The lawsuits to follow.

I have a feeling Amazing Grace is going to be with me for a long while. I have been writing and discussing it for 2 weeks. And people still comment on it. I feel I have been responsible for some sort of resurgence for Amazing Gace.

After the radio show, I hurried over to the Coffee House. Sat back with a cup of coffee and the New York Tmes. Enjoyed myself!

Last night started with the Chart Room. As usual.

A good Chart Room night! Jean and Joe Thornton, Captain Peter, Che and others. We sat around the round table and talked. Three big issues. The oil spill, the market and Stepanie’s first radio show.

Afterwards, I walked over to the Sports Page Bar. I am impressed with the business the place does. Big time! Packed!

I had a turkey sandwich and watched the Cleveland/Boston game. LeBaron James is one hell of a player!

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s.

Corey was in the living room reading. Lisa in her bed with the grandkids.

Robert hid under the covers as I walked in. Ally shouted Robert is hiding! Everyone was happy!

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. If you are in need of a last minute gift, try Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West. http://www.viakeywest.com/. Quick and easy!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. This used to be a nice blog from a KW native on the ground in paradise. What happened? Now its just cheap commercial plugs! Whats next, twittering every 11 seconds?

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