Daughter Lisa is the love of my life!

A special person!

Apparently some one else thinks so also.

There is another Key West blog out there. Key West Sunshine. Described as The Musings of a Sunshine Girl.

The May 4 blog was entitled Mother’s Day in Key West.

It was about Lisa. My Lisa.

The blog described Lisa as wonderful people, spoke of her family life and her great love at being a Mom. The blog also made mention of Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West. http://www.viakeywest.com/. It was suggested that a last minute mother’s Day gift might best be acquired from Lisa’s store.

The sensitive part of the blog concerned Lisa’s gift of a Mother’s love. As with all mothers, Lisa’s children are everything to her.

If you wish to read the blog, it can be found at http://sunshinekeywest.wordpress.com/.

Great golf yesterday!

I hit the ball longer and farther. Even putted well. Missed 2 putts I should have made. But dropped 5 I would normally have missed.

I was the big winner. All of $8!

Played wth Tom, Yankee Jack and Aaron. I was benefitted by the fact that Tom and Aaron did not play as well as they normally do.

The Gulf oil problem contiues to be of concern here in Key West. A looming tragedy! It all depends on the water loop that could bring all that oil down upon the keys. So far the winds blowing from the south are keeping the oil out of the loop. Good for Key West. Bad for Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle.

I learned a long time ago when I used to sail summers off the north shore of Long Island that wind can be fickle. We are in the hands of the gods!

Hot yesterday! Summer hot. Humid. Very little breeze.

I was sweaty and beat after golf. A good tired, however. I hurried home. Threw off my clothes and jumped bare ass into the pool. Refreshing! So refreshing that I felt energized. I swam for a half hour.

Then I was really tired. Went to bed. Fell asleep immediately. Did not wake till 7 in the evening.

Dinner time! Decided on the Shrimp Shack. When I arrived, I noticed no one was there. There was a reason why. The sun this time of the year was beating down directly on the deck where the tables are located. The heat intensity was indescribable.

Not for me. Back to my air conditioned car. Decided to go into town.

I ended up at Pepe’s. It was a while since I had eaten there.

Pepe’s is the oldest restaurant in Key West. Small. It has another claim to fame. It is said the pirates met there in the 1700s and 1800s to plan their raids on the Spanish galleons.

Pepe cooks wholesome rib sticking food. And the plate is always overloaded!

Last night I dined on ground beef, mashed potatoes buried in gravy and steamed carrots. The carrots were excellent. Soft and tender. Plus great corn bread.

The best however was dessert. Hot apple crisp with ice cream. I could handle it. I had played golf and swam. I was not concerned with gaining weight.

Pepe’s is located on the waterfront. I took a walk after dinner. By Schooner Wharf, the Conch Republic, Bo’s, Turtle Krall and other famous Key West bars and restaurants.

My walk finally took me to the Art Bar. Barb Grob’s famous store. Her top selling item for years are her black tee shirts with words in white that read Art Slut.

Barb and I chatted for a while. I like Barb. A good person. A hard worker.

Join me tomorrow morning at 10 for my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the radio at KONK 1500 AM. Better on the internet. Can be seen as well as heard. http://www.konkam.com/.

Many interesting topics to be shared tomorrow on the radio show. The oil spill, Amazing Grace, females serving on submarines, women serving in the Civil War, Florida gay adoption, economic stimulus in Key West, the locked doors to the Key West Police station and more.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, it was an extreme pleasure to talk to Lisa about her family and motherhood. I have three kids of my own and Lisa inspires me! It's an honor to know people like Lisa and Corey.

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