The big item of discussion here in Key West is the oil leak. There is concern, concern, concern!

And properly so. If it reaches Key West, and all believe it will, the impact will be massive and take years to resolve. Tourism and fishing will take major hits. And there is nothing else from an economic perspective here.

In the meantime, life goes on. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Gift time!

Consider Lisa’s internet department store for Mom’s gift. Quick and easy to order. Various prices. Interesting and charming gifts.

My day yesterday started with a visit to Lori for a haircut. I like her. A good person.

Lori is a runner. She ran in the marathon last week on the 7 mile bridge. Finished in better time than she expected. She was all excited. Properly so.

Then It was over to the Coffee House to sip and read the papers. Everyone said you’re early. Haircut was my response.

My nails were long. So I followed coffee and the papers with a manicure.

Tammy is a lovely Vietnamese woman. Mid to late 20s. Short and thin. Long flowing velvet black hair.

When I walked in, she was no where to be seen. At least by me. I asked one of the other nail ladies to telephone her. She lives upstairs.

Everyone laughed. Tammy was there. She was seated behind the counter. She is so small, I could not see her.

Last night was La tratoria for dinner.

It must have been ladies’ night! The bar was full of lovelies. All women, no men.

A good place for me to be.

Becha was there. It was her night off. She was partying at the bar. Came over and gave me my hug and kiss. Love Becha!

Barb came in. Runs the Art Bar. Of Art Slut fame. She sells tons of black tee shirts with white print. The white print reads Art Slut.

And many other ladies I knew, but whose names I could not recall.

A smorgasborg!

Friday’s radio show is around the corner. In addition to amazing Grace, the oil spill, New York dumb weird laws and Florida gay adoption, I am going to chat a bit about the recent change in law/regulation which now will permit women to serve on submarines. I have a tie back to the Civil War that you will find interesting.

The radio show is friday morning at 10. Called the Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK 1500 AM radio. Seen and heard world wide on the internet at

Golf this morning! Whoopie! Hope I continue to ht the ball long and straight. I have confidence I will. We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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