Wow did I start something with my mention of amazing Grace the past few days!

People are e mailing, telephoning and talking to me about Amazing Grace. They are listening to my Crete friend Jim Brown’s video. They are listening to other videos. They are sending me renditions by other singers and groups. Even Larry Smith was playing Amazing Grace last night at the Wine Galley.

I started my day yesterday with a visit to the doctor. Everything ok. Thyroid still off. We are lowering the dosage a bit more. The thyroid problem is the result of losing 30 pounds. I am now overdosed.

Had a late breakfast at Lucky Day Cafe. Cuban toast and coffee. Read the morning papers.

Then I took a walk. A long one. I have stoped walking. Bad! Need to get back to it. It is my only form of exercise.

I walked the Atlantic. From the airport to 1800 Atlantic and back. Along smathers Beach. A long walk. A very long walk! I was tired when I was done. It was about 85 degrees. A blazing sun. And humid.

I worked for a while in the afternoon on this coming friday’s radio show. Amazing Grace will finally be a discussed topic. Also the oil spill, New York weird dumb laws and Florida gay adoption. Researching those topics took up my afternoon.

Michael was bartending last night at the Chart Room. Che and Captain Peter were there when I arrived. Che wanted to know where Marty was. I said he has left us. No longer loves us. He has returned to Hallendale.

Turns out Che is into horses. Racing horses. He was talking about the Kentucky Derby. Che thinks the horse who came in second will win the Preakness.

Che got into Saratorga. He has been a visitor on occasion. So have I. Utica is about a one hour drive from Saratoga. We exchanged Saratoga stories.

I had an 8 o’clock meeting in the Wine Galley with Larry Smith and Guy deBoer. Larry and I were there. No Guy. I telephoned the two numbers I have for him. No answer.

Guy, you forgot us!

I waited a half hour and left. Stopped for a few minutes in the Chart Room. And then home.

Bought some chocolate covered donuts on the way home. I was in the mood.

Yesterday was a typical Key West day. As it should be. Quiet and easy.

Enjoy your day!

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