Jim Brown from Crete sent me a video he made of Amazing Grace celebrating his Mom’s life. She passed on a few years ago.

I was so taken with the video, I wanted to share it with you. I am not computer literate. I tried to make it part of my blog yesterday. It did not work. That is till last night. Ergo many of you may have missed it.

Son in law Corey finally figured out how to do it and retaught me again last night. This morning I am providing you with Jim’s video. I received it via You Tube. Listen to it. It is short.


Amazing Grace has been all over my blog this week. Its story has yet to be told. I will be sharing what I have learned about Amazing Grace with all of you on my radio show friday. KONK 1500 AM radio. To be seen and heard on the internet world wide at http://www.konkam.com/.

I shared a hen story with you a couple of days ago. The story was correct. My conclusion incorrect.

I told you about a Canadian law that permitted hens to be raised in the back yard of a person’s home but prohibited roosters to be raised with the hens. The purpose of the law was to encouarage home egg production.

I asked how could the hens make/lay eggs if there were no roosters around. I assumed roosters were necessary for sex purposes to make the eggs.

I was wrong.

Live and learn.

Hens do not need roosters or chicken sex to make eggs. You heard me correctly. Roosters are not required. Roosters are only needed if the eggs are to be fertilized so little chicks can be made.

A long time reader of this blog, Kerig B of Toronto, Canada brought my error to my attention. I checked out his info on the internet. He is correct! Thank you Kerig B!

I spent some time with the grandkids yesterday morning. We played cards. Fish. They won all the games. I won none. I am beginning to think that subconsciously I let myself lose and them win to make them happy. Or am I kidding myself? I just may be inept.

Lunch was at the outside deck at the Pier House. Read the newspapers. A beautiful day.

Spent the afternoon finishing my reading of the The Help. A good book. About the American south in the 1950s. I recommend it.

I decided to stay in last night. Had a sandwich and went to bed early.

About 8:30 the telephone rang. It was Howard Livingston. He was at the Pier House with Larry Smith.

We have not talked in a while. He wanted me to come over and join him. No, I said. I am in bed for the night. An example of old age having set in.

It was good talking with Howard. It has been a while. We will hook up soon.

I have an early morning appointment with the doctor. It seems that is all one does when a person gets old. Visit the doctor!

Kurt just telephoned. He wanted me to play golf with him this morning. His group needed a fourth. Told him I no could do. Doctor visit. I would have enjoyed playing golf with Kurt. The last time I rode with him he shot a 72. I a 120. He never complained about my slow play and searching for my ball all the time in the woods. He is a true gentleman!

Enjoy your day!

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