Good morning world!

It’s Sunday!

The best day of the week!

God gets his due. And so do all of us. A day of rest.

I spent quite a while yesterday visiting with the grandkids.

Robert wanted to play bingo. So the three of us did. Robert, Ally and me.

I did not win one game! It’s like being on the golf course or bocci courts. I can’t win! Even playing kids!

Later in the afternoon I sat home reading The Help. Really a good book! The American South in the 1950s.

Jim brown is a friend. A Facebook friend.

Jim lives in Crete. An island in Greece. He is probably around 30. Married. Has a young son. A musician.

Jim and I exchange greetings every couple of months. He reads my blog/this blog. He also evidences a sense of humor.

A nice guy. I hope to meet him face to face some day.

This past week I have mentioned Amazing Grace a couple of times. I will be discussing it at length on my radio show next Friday. Amazing Graced is that church hymn generally heard at funerals.

Jim wrote me yesterday on Facebook about Amazing Grace and his Mom. He also shared with me a video he made about his Mom wherein Amazing Grace is an important part of the message.

I was touched by the video. I want to share the video and his message to me with you.

“Not sure if it is the same thing i read on your blog Amazing grace, but it was the anniversary of my mums death on 25th april this year and i put together a few pics to my bands acoustic type version of amazing grace. we did this live first time on the beach as a tribute to my friends wife who died here on crete a few weeks ago, so i thought i would use it for my wee mammy, a very sad day indeed”

This is Louis. Click on the line below below. Return here after you listen to the video.

Dedicated to my wee mammy, cruelly taken from us …passed away 25th April 1997…. Always im my thoughts and prayers. wee Jimmy

Do not be impressed with my new found computer talents. Son in law Corey helped me do this.

Enjoy your day!

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